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Macbook Pro Pink Screen Problem(Fixed)

Macbook Pro Pink Screen

The MacBook Pro Pink Screen issue could be caused by a defective graphics card or display screen malfunction. To check this, connect an external display to your MacBook’s internal display. When the external show is fine, it indicates that there is a hardware issue. Do General Troubleshooting and fix Kernel Panic to Fix Macbook Pro […]

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HP Envy vs Dell Inspiron (Ultimate Guide)

HP envy vs Dell Inspiron

HP envy VS dell Inspiron: these two brands seem to be the benchmark of every laptop. There are several similarities between these two laptops, but there are also some major differences as well. Both hp envy and dell Inspiron have their own pros and cons, so let’s find out what each one is really like. […]

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Best Laptop for Sims (Ultimate Guide)

Best Laptop for Sims

Laptops are great for all sorts of computing needs, but gaming is one of the major uses for which people choose laptops. However, not every laptop has the capabilities to play games. This article will highlight some of the best laptops for sims and how you can make your next purchase an investment in your […]

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Are Thinkpads Good For Gaming? (Ultimate Guide)

Are Thinkpads Good For Gaming

Yes! ThinkPads are great for gaming. When it comes to processors, ThinkPads are known for their strong performance and processing of game graphics. However, they are not the best in terms of graphics card performance as compared to Gaming laptops like Alienware. In addition, they are also known for their durability and longevity. So, if […]

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