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Windows 10 Pro Black Edition is one of the interesting Operating Systems designed for those users who like blackish color in themes and operating systems. It is supported by the Windows Update service and is also bundled with other new features. Despite of its name, Windows 10 Pro Black Edition has no relation with DarkStar OS or Darkstar One game software (Which was not released on Steam).

The Windows 10 Pro Black Edition 32 Bit (x86) software was installed on the test computer at normal speed (~3 mins) but takes longer time in comparison to Windows XP, Vista Ultimate, and Windows 7 Ultimate which is comparatively faster than this Operating System.

Windows 10 Pro Black Edition comes with a lot of new features and enhancements including Multimedia Keyboard Keys that can’t be found on any other Operating System.

Overview of Windows 10 Black Edition

Added new default applications like Browsers, Media Players, and MSN Messenger, and also comes with other popular alternatives including Chrome Browser by Google and Firefox Browser by Mozilla as default web browsers where they actually work better than Internet Explorer included.

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Added new themes like Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate Theme, Windows 8.1 Pro Theme, and also Elegance Blue Dark Envy theme to operate the software more appropriately. For those users who use darkish Themes, where other Operating System including Windows 10 comes with White Color (Like Windows XP) Microsoft removed these themes because it was found not fascinating enough by the great majority of people.

This is a very good software and operating system having some additional features as well as updates to improve performance. You may experience issues related to Control Panel or Network settings as they are moved from one place to another by default. So you will have to manually return them back after installation of this software on yours.

first look of win 10 pro black editiion

Nice Wallpapers

Windows 10 Black Edition has a nice wallpaper collection to use as Windows Wallpaper which is not present in other Operating Systems. There are some new wallpapers added to Windows 10 Black Edition Software. You can check them out in Main Menu.

Additional Features and Widgets

You may find additional widgets or hidden features in it where these things are not available in other Operating Systems including Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit). Added brand new search programs like Desktop Search, Start Program Manager, Cortana, etc which are included on the taskbar to facilitate easier access by users.

This operating system has great support for hotkeys so you can easily control it using Keyboard shortcuts as well. There is no need for purchasing any expensive multimedia keyboard with this software as everything will work properly without them. Just make sure that your keyboard has all the required standard keys which are in Windows 10 Black Edition like Windows, Ctrl, and Alt keys.

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Faster Startup

This software comes with faster startup ability and booting time than other Operating Systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista (32-bit/64-bit), Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit/64-bit), or Win 8 Pro 64-bit. It will start every application in a very fast way where users will be able to use programs or services without any hassle.

Application Programming Interface

Applications developed for the 32-bit operating system can be quickly moved to 64 bits using a new software called App Transport Layer which is exclusively designed for this purpose. Even it also helps to migrate applications from one platform to another like Android Apps on Windows devices. Those developers have to make any major changes or make new versions of their applications as well.

There are some additional features included in this software which is not available in Windows XP, Vista (32-bit/64-bit), Win 7 Ultimate 32-bit, Windows 8 Pro 64 Bit, Windows 10 64 Bit or other operating systems including Mac OS X and Linux Operating System.

strat menu of windows 10 pro black

This is a very nice software and comes with exclusive features that can’t be found on other Operating Systems like its predecessor i.e. Windows 10 Enterprise. Microsoft decides to keep this product only for its paying customers so I will recommend you to download and install this software instead of using the either latest or previous Windows 8 /10 Enterprise edition (32-bit/64-bit).

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New in Windows 10 Pro Black Edition

This Software comes with new features and updates introduced by Microsoft based on user feedback. Some of them are highlighted below:

Additional Features – Widgets, Wallpaper have been introduced.

Faster Startup Time – This software will start within seconds than any other Operating System. Brand New Search Programs – Desktop Search, Start Program Manager, etc have been included on the taskbar to facilitate easier access by users. No Need for Keyboards to have multimedia keys as all hotkeys supported by this software directly from Keyboard itself including the Windows key, Ctrl and Alt keys (no need to press simultaneously), Scroll Lock key, etc Multimedia Keyboard Keys do not work properly so make sure that your keyboard has all standard keys like Windows, Ctrl and Alt keys.

It starts within seconds and you can use it without any hassle related to applications or programs that are running in background tasks because of its very fast Startup Time feature.

Disadvantages of Windows 10 Pro Black Edition

Some users may feel uncomfortable using this software as there is a need to press both Windows and Ctrl keys simultaneously for some tasks which are not required in Windows XP, Vista Ultimate, or Win 7 Ultimate. Sometimes it becomes tricky while surfing the web as keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+s, Print Screen key, etc do not work properly.

My advice is don’t use these keys if you want to get more from this Software where you have to work with Virtual Machines like VirtualBox, vmware player/workstation/ fusion, etc but make sure that your computer supports hardware-assisted virtualization. If you have disabled hyper-v services or hypervisor switches, then you should enable them before using this software.

This is a complete Windows Operating System including its default desktop applications and other built-in programs which makes it easier for users to work on their computer without installing anything else (No need for additional software). Windows 10 Pro Black Edition comes with pre-installed Media Player, QuickTime, iTunes player, etc but if you want to play online videos or import downloaded videos from your DVD’s into your computer, then I recommend VLC media player. Users can use the following product key to activate Windows 10 Pro Black Edition:

File Explorer

Also, there are new features like File Explorer, Settings app and Start Menu redesigned with Metro/Modern UI Boxy style design completely different from earlier versions (As seen on Windows 7,8 and 8.1) with an option to switch between them without reinstallation of the Operating System or without booting into Safe Mode where it may look ugly if you don’t want a change when you upgrade to Windows 10 Pro Black Edition.

The updated Internet Explorer browser now includes web code compatibility across different formats including HTML5 standards rendering engine named “Edge”. This makes browsing faster than ever before. The Software also gets updates via Windows Update service which is similar to Windows 10 Home as well.

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Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player has no longer included with this new operating system but there are plenty of alternatives like The KMPlayer, VLC Player and also FastStone Media Player, etc., where you can play media files using this application without additional codec installation.

All in all it’s a good Operating System worth trying out though it doesn’t have any official support from Microsoft or its affiliates, so don’t panic if you face issues after installation because they will be sorted out later.

Support System and Updates

As far as the support system is concerned, it has a great support system from Microsoft which supports users whenever they face any issues. Windows 10 Pro Black Edition is updated regularly and gets through the background updating process which makes it difficult for us to update our systems.

As far as the support system is concerned, you may find many websites which provide information regarding its updates, etc., but there’s no official website or page that provides you with this info so I will recommend you follow up on our blog (link at top of this article) where regular updates will be provided about it.

Regular Updates in Windows 10 come time by time so you need not be worried about any bugs or issues in Windows 10 Pro Black Edition. Those who would like if their computers perform properly without any problems, then I recommend using Windows 10 Pro Black Edition and these are the steps for installation of this software on your system.

Note: Users should have administrator rights on their personal computers before proceeding further with the instructions because all changes made by them will be saved and applied automatically. For help regarding “how to acquire administrator privileges” please visit a related website from web search results that provides information about it. If you think that unnecessary changes can cause damage to your system, then I request you avoid making such changes on your Personal Computer.

System Requirements for Windows 10 Black Edition Pro

  • Processor: Core i3 Recommended or upper.
  • RAM: 1GB RAM (Recommended)
  • Free Space: 10GB Hard Disk Space(Recommended)
  • The latest Internet Explorer web browser is installed on your computer.
  • Windows 10 Pro Black Edition doesn’t require any additional software or codecs which makes it simple and easy to use. If you are willing to install Windows 10 Pro Black Edition on your Personal Computer, then you can follow the instructions given below which will help you a lot during the installation of Windows 10 Pro Black Edition:
  • Update and Install Windows Update from Control Panel on Personal Computers running Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 8.1 operating systems before proceeding further with this guide as it may cause problems otherwise. Also, disable all antivirus software from the background processes of the system.

Windows 10 Pro Free Download [Updated]

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