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Windows XP Ultimate is one of the most famous versions of Windows XP by Johnny. Windows XP Ultimate Edition is a slightly upgraded version of Windows XP, which includes some extra features like new wallpapers, explorer, file explorer, and games.

Windows XP Ultimate Edition has all the same features and properties as Windows XP, except for a few new menu options, wallpapers, and Games. These changes make Windows XPE more secure than the original version of windows XP. The main selling point of this OS is that it has built-in AntiVirus software called Windows Defender.

Overview of Windows XP Ultimate Version

It also contains many games like Billiards, Mah Jongg, and other Solitaire versions plus Chess games which can be played by using AI or through multiplayer mode (contacting another user online). Other additional features include a Very Small Business Desktop theme which makes the GUI look beautiful, like Mac OS X in appearance. New Wallpapers were added to make our desktop beautiful with their high-quality pictures because they now have anti-aliasing and support high color.

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EXPLORER Got a facelift, a new explorer with skin support (can enable or disable skins). The Explorer Deskbar has an extra panel for buttons and quick launch icons, we can also drag the toolbar to any edge of the screen making it smaller than 50 pixels.

Start menu screen display

Windows creator

Windows Creator also got some changes, now you can create file associations on auto-play which means that whenever the file is played like for example *.mpg=Windows Media Player will open automatically when you double click that file, You can also hide these autorun files from desktop by unchecking AutoPlay for all users in Folder option properties.

Windows XP Ultimate Edition is a good operating system especially if you are not satisfied with Windows XP. However, you have to buy it which is not possible for every person because of its high price.

The downside

This OS doesn’t really come with anything else apart from the extra features mentioned above. There are no new security fixes or functionality upgrades that make this version worth paying for in the long run and if you use your PC for work while using Windows XP then this operating system won’t change much and can actually slow down your PC due to all the games added on it.

Some new wallpapers and screensavers

It also has a blue taskbar and icons in Windows XP professional edition. There are more changes but I think these are major changes that were made to improve your desktop experience. The new explorer has more features than the old explorer, like skins can be applied and it has buttons on the left-hand side. You can also put a name to your computer in the right-bottom-hand corner of the desktop screen.

There are many more changes made to Windows XPE and you can get a complete list by clicking here.

But these features above would be enough for most people who use their computers for internet surfing or to play games occasionally as they do not affect our navigation so we will hardly miss them if it was missing… Right? 😀

Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 7 is included with this ultimate edition. You can download Internet Explorer 8 if you want but internet explorer 7 will be enough for common users and advanced users too. As far as Internet Explorer 7 is concerned, it has support for CSS and DOM. The new features are integrated with Windows XPE unlike the IE 7 version which was only included in Windows Vista, so it is considered an upgrade to Internet Explorer 6.

Main display of front screen

Internet Explorer 7 comes with this software update so all you have to do is download and install internet explorer 8 if you want IE8 instead of IE7 because I think it’s better than IE7 in look and feel (I haven’t used IE7 before so I am not sure about this).

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Windows Media Player 11

Windows Media Player 11 comes pre-installed on this operating system as stated above and it makes playing music a lot easier as the GUI of wmp11 is more user-friendly and more advanced than older versions. You can play most video formats including Avi and xvid (a proprietary format) using windows media player 11 without any problems.

After installing all these new software updates, just reboot your computer and you will see changes at once! If you don’t like them then don’t worry, you can always uninstall them and go back to Windows XP that you used before.

Windows Media Player 11 is a newer version of the older Windows Media Player 9 and it supports more video formats. But using wmp9 will not hamper your entertainment experience, you can play movies with file types that were unsupported on earlier versions of Windows media player without any problems.

Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0

Windows XPE has support for Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 which makes it possible to run more applications on Windows XP without a hitch! It also makes the Windows operating system a lot lighter as many of its functions are now being carried out by the .net framework rather than running standalone in kernel mode (the advantage is that we don’t need lots of resources to boot up an application).

Microsoft .net framework 2.0 makes the installation of applications from the Windows update center easier than before as they don’t need to be downloaded separately, the framework will take care of that for you and soon games won’t require you to install DirectX either! This software update also installs Microsoft Visual C++ Redists which are required by several programs in order to run correctly.

New games

There are lots of new games added to this package including counter strike source, qbert, Tetris Challenge, etc. For Music lovers, it has the latest tunes from its media player as mentioned above, and also CDs of various genres (rock, pop, etc.).

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There are more than 200 games that you can download from the Windows update center. These games will be added automatically to your new window XPE after you log in for the first time.

It has an easy interface to search for applications online and if it is not available online then you may get them from windows media center CD/DVDs.The choices are unlimited!

Some Unheard Features

Microsoft Windows XP Professional provides a few unheard features packed into one operating system. The most important feature that Microsoft Windows XP Professional offers is its complete backward compatibility with previous versions of Windows, making it very easy for people who have been using older versions of Windows to make the transition.

This includes Windows 95, Windows 98 as well as Microsoft Windows 2000. Another feature that is worth mentioning about this product is the support and improvements it gives to home users and businesses alike. For business users, there are network tools that can be used for computers that have been networked together, and for home users there will always be security patches and new software updates (free of charge) coming from Microsoft over time.

Latest Package SP2

Windows XP Ultimate was a package released by Microsoft in 2004. This package included an updated version of Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 installed on top of it, along with all the service packs released since Service Pack 1 up until SP2, including, as well as a collection of other applications such as. It had no official retail release, and only a select few people obtained copies of the software. The two main features that this package contained were Windows XP Media Center Edition, which was included as part of the Professional edition until SP1, and several other home entertainment applications.

Many users from all over the world who have been using Windows XP Ultimate for years still swear by it as they claim it is much more stable than newer versions of Windows such as Windows 7 or 8. With that being said, many powerful third-party applications made available to download on the internet make this operating system even better (such as Magic Utilities). Due to its popularity among both businesses and home users alike, Microsoft has created a public beta testing program for future versions of Windows starting with the release candidate.

How to Install Windows XP Ultimate Edition:

1- Install Windows XPE – Mount ISO image file (download a copy from some torrent site) – Open Image File o Extract CDX file’s content: 1- Enter Command Prompt by typing cmd in Start>Run menu.

2- Enter the CDX command. To open the CDX files just enter C:\ and then drag and drop any of the files from Windows XPE onto the cmd prompt or type in the CDX file name and press enter. (Example: ‘cdx ip1’).

3- Once you’ve opened a new directory navigate into it by entering cd.. until you see nothing left to do but press enter on an empty space.

4- Type in xpenultimate to run installation advisor. 1) Run Setup 2) Custom 3) Install 4) Select Language

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