Windows 10 All In One (AIO) Free Download [Updated 2023]

Microsoft Windows 10 All In One (AIO) edition ISO is the most secure, reliable, stable, and updated Windows OS. You can download the latest version of Windows 10 All In One (AIO) edition for free for both x86-64-bit operating systems. This version of Windows 10 is bundled with all the versions of Windows 10 in just one pack.

It is one of the most used Windows OS that enhances the performance of your computer and other touchscreen devices. The user experience is better than Windows 8.1 and 8. It offers a user-friendly interface with all the amazing, new apps and features.

Overview Of Windows 10 All In One

Windows 10 All In One (AIO) is one of the most used Windows 10 OS. Most users prefer using it because it contains so many features in just a single iso file. It is best known for its performance, stability, and reliability. It has a stunning interface with a fascinating GUI and other captivating features that are not available in previous Windows OS (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1). It uses system resources efficiently and provides performance to your system.

Security and other non-security updates are available regularly as Microsoft releases. You can download and install updates for your computer, tablet, or other touchscreen devices on a regular basis. Windows 10 all-in-one (AIO) is now more stable than ever before thanks to Microsoft for the release of stable updates.

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The gaming experience of the users is now increased. Windows 10 All In One (AIO) provides an extraordinary gaming experience by introducing Xbox and Xbox LIVE. It provides gaming opportunities to players all around the world. Players can connect via online gaming communities offered by Microsoft’s Xbox Live app available in Windows 10 All In One (AIO). Achievements are also available via Xbox and much more. 3D and 2D games are now at your fingertip thanks to Xbox and Xbox Live, it supports tablets and other touchscreen devices.

The security of the system is now more powerful than before because of the new features available in Windows Security. You can now secure your data through OneDrive protection. Ransomware protection is available for your OneDrive data. Nothing can harm your data because new security improvements are now available to your computer Microsoft enhanced security. Firewall and network protection are available to protect you from online security threats and other malicious apps and software.

Start Menu Changes

Selecting any of the blank spaces on the “Start” menu will exit the menu without making any changes. We have the option to change the size of the “Start Menu”. If we hover the mouse over the top edge of the “Start Menu” the mouse icon will change to a double-sided vertical arrow.

Click and hold and drag up and down to change the size. It can be increased to this size as the maximum and this size as the minimum. If you are someone who fell in love with the “Start Screen” that replaced the “Start Menu” in Windows 8, it can be turned back on through the Taskbar properties.

Universal Apps and More

“Windows 10 Universal Apps”. “Windows 10 Universal Apps” is the new name for what Microsoft previously referred to as “Metro Apps”, ”Modern Apps”, “Windows Store Apps”, and “Windows 8 Apps” among others. Unlike traditional Windows applications that only run on the Windows desktop, “Windows 10 Universal Apps” will run on all Windows 10 devices including Windows Desktop/Laptop, Windows Phone/Tablet, and the Xbox One.

With traditional “Windows” applications we would typically go to a webpage and download an application and then install it. To simplify things with universal apps we would install and uninstall through the “Microsoft Store”. Let’s open a Universal app like “Calculator” by selecting the “Start Button”, “All Apps”, and “Calculator”. It opens full screen by default in a window. Unlike the universal apps in Windows 8, “Windows 10 Universal Apps” have controls in the top right just like traditional Windows applications.

“Close”. The “X” in the top right of the Window will close the app. “Minimize”. The left button will minimize the app to the taskbar. The app will still be running and can be restored to the previous state by selecting it from the taskbar. “Restore”. The middle button is used to restore the app to a size that does not take up the entire screen. Select the “Restore” button. We can see the calculator app has reduced its size to a small window that is easier to work with.

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We can now work with “Windows 10 Universal Apps” just like traditional applications, and best of all “Calculator” doesn’t need to be fullscreen. Most ”Windows 10 Universal Apps” have a menu of available options located in the top left of the screen. Let’s select the “X” in the top right of the window to exit the app. “Taskbar”. Let’s review the Windows 10 Taskbar. The taskbar runs along the bottom of the Windows desktop and includes everything from the “Start Button” on the left to the “Clock” on the right.

Windows 10 All In One Splash Screen

Top New Features

Some of the best features available in Windows 10 All In One (AIO) ISO are as follows:

  • It provides an attractive and fascinating interface
  • It is available for both x86-64 (32-bit and 64-bit) architectures
  • A dark theme is available for Start Menu
  • All new apps icons are available
  • Stunning GUI and user-friendly interface
  • The start screen is renewed and smaller than Windows 8 and 8.1 Start screen
  • App icons are arranged in special grids
  • Live tiles are available for apps
  • Photos are displayed in a live frame
  • The screenshot feature is available
  • The snipping tool is available to take a screenshot in any shape
  • The Night Light feature is available for using a desktop, laptop, or tablet during nighttime
  • Users can set sleep time for the device
  • Power options are available
  • Users can change the brightness of the screen and set it accordingly
  • Users can change their battery settings between “Best battery life” and “Best performance”
  • Battery Saver feature is available to improve your battery life
  • The battery lasts 40% longer using Windows 10 thanks to specialized battery settings
  • You can change the Contrast of your screen
  • Focus Assist is included for better focusing on your work
  • You can connect to other devices through a wireless connection
  • Bluetooth feature is available for connecting to other computers, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Connection to a wireless projector is supported
  • Users can connect to remote desktops and servers via the remote desktop feature available in Windows 10 AIO
  • You can connect your mobile device to your computer in a go
  • Projecting to another device is possible
  • Nearby sharing is possible
  • The location feature is available for better accuracy
  • VPN is supported, users can connect to a VPN server from Windows 10 AIO
  • Mobile Hotspot is available through which you can share your desktop Internet connection with your mobile phone
  • Airplane mode is available for better power saving and safety
  • WiFi connectivity is more stable and secure
  • Connection to multiple networks is possible
  • Windows Security is included
  • Firewall and network protection is protecting your device from online threats and other malicious apps
  • Account protection is provided to Windows 10 users
  • Virus and threat protection
  • Device performance and health feature
  • Device security feature
  • App and browser control
  • Family options are available for better security
  • Domain networks, Private networks, and Public networks are available
  • OneDrive ransomware protection is available
  • Cloud storage feature is available
  • Microsoft Edge browser is introduced to Windows 10, which increases the browser experience of users
  • Emojis are available for a better experience
  • Windows 10 All In One (AIO) manages Hardware resources very efficiently, which increases system performance
  • Snap feature is available for better screen space management
  • App tiles are arranged in a manner to increase user experience for tablets and other touchscreen devices
  • Snap feature is available to manage your windows
  • Xbox and Xbox Live are introduced
  • Gaming performance is enhanced via Xbox and Xbox Live
  • Third-party apps are supported and can be installed
  • Windows updates are available regularly
  • Security and non-security updates are available
  • An amazing Lock Screen feature is available
  • You can see an interesting and informative “Lock Screen” with amazing text and images
  • Microsoft Store suggestions are available for new and trending apps via “Store suggestions”
  • The Remote App feature is available to both the client and the host
  • A resilient File System (ReFS) is available
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux -> A compatibility layer for running Linux binary executables
  • Testing untrusted apps are easy through “Windows Sandbox”
  • Hyper-V is available for creating a virtual machine on x86-64 (32-bit and 64-bit) Windows 10 All-In One (AIO)
  • Assigned Access 8.1
  • BitLocker feature is available
  • Business Store is accessible to Windows 10 AIO users
  • Conditional Access is available for Windows 10 AIO users
  • It has a Device Guard feature for securing your device from anonymous entries
  • Enterprise data protection
  • Internet Explorer in Enterprise mode is available
  • Joining a domain and Group Policy management
  • Joining a Microsoft Azure Active Directory for getting access to all your personal files and data via the cloud
  • The private catalog is available
  • Windows Analytics is enabled
  • Windows Information Protection is available
  • Users can update their Windows 10 OS as the “Windows Update for Business” feature is available
  • Windows To Go feature is available
  • For app protection AppLocker feature is available
  • Credential Guard for your device security and protection available
  • DirectAccess is available
  • Microsoft App-V is included in Windows 10 All In One (AIO)
  • Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) is available
  • Microsoft UE-V is available to Windows 10 users
  • Start screen control with Group Policy is available for users
  • User experience control and lockdown
  • Tablet mode is available for touchscreen laptops and other devices
  • Other amazing features are available in this version of Microsoft Windows 10

Windows 10 All In One

Other Interesting Features

As Windows 10 AIO has a range of features available, some of the many fascinating features are as follows:

Start Menu

Windows 10 All In One (AIO) Start Menu is a combined look of previous Windows OS like Windows 7 and 8, 8.1. The Start button is located at the lower-left corner of the screen, you can click it to display the Start menu. The Start Menu of Windows 10 All In One (AIO) is divided into two sections. On the left is a navigation section that gives you access to your user account, Documents, Pictures, Settings, and Power options, this section also has access to all the installed applications on your computer.

On the right is a scaled-down version of the Windows 8/8.1 Start screen that offers quick viewing and access to the tiles of a few apps, including Music, Photos, calendar, calculator, weather, mail, Microsoft Store, paint and Xbox app, etc. The start menu gets updated with the new release from Microsoft Windows.

Windows 10 All In One (AIO) Free Download [Updated]

Cloud Storage (OneDrive)

Cloud Storage is one of the most secure ways to store and protect your data. Microsoft Windows 10 All In One (AIO) edition users can save their data on online cloud servers and can access their data anywhere around the world having an active Internet connection. Most of the Windows 10 users use OneDrive as their cloud storage. When you sign up for a Microsoft account you get free OneDrive cloud storage. OneDrive is very helpful in protecting your data and for accessing it anywhere with an active Internet connection. Other paid and free cloud storage services are available.

Xbox One and Xbox Live

Windows 10 All In One (AIO) edition offers the best gaming experience. Microsoft Windows 10 brings full experience of Xbox and Xbox LIVE to Windows operating system, giving all the gamers access to online gaming communities. 2D and 3D games are now easily accessible and plaid via Xbox and Xbox Live with high performance and amazing graphics and shaders.

Gamers can capture their gameplay and share it on online gaming platforms including social media. Windows 10 All In One AIO uses system resources quite efficiently improving your system performance which in turn increase your gaming performance. Xbox and Xbox Live are new to Windows 10, which were not available in previous Windows OS. Luckily, Microsoft brings this great feature to Windows 10 lite OS.

Security Improvements

Windows Security is improved and updated. Microsoft is releasing security updates every now and then, which are easily accessible through Windows Update. Security bugs are repaired and other security features are fixed. Microsoft is working hard to improve the security features and apps in order to secure your data and files. Windows 10 firewall is improved than ever before, having more features that secure your device.

Tablet Mode

Windows 10 All In One (AIO) provides a new feature called “Tablet Mode”, using this feature you can switch to Tablet mode. The interface of the device changes and make itself comfortable for a touch screen device. If you are using a laptop with touch screen functionality you can use this feature to switch to Tablet Mode, giving you a full experience of a tablet. This feature is not available in previous Windows OS.

System Requirements For Windows 10 All In One (AIO) ISO

Minimum hardware requirements for Windows 10 AIO

Operating system architecture32-bit 64-bit
Processor 1 GHz IA-32 processor / 1 GHz x86-64 processor
Memory (RAM)1 GB / 2 GB
Graphics cardDirectX 9 graphics processor with Intel WDDM driver model 1.0
Free hard drive space16 GB / 20 GB
Optical drive DVD-ROM drive (Only to install from DVD-ROM media)
Screen resolution 1366 × 768 screen resolution
ConnectivityInternet access - Only for Updates(fees may apply)

Final Words

Windows 10 All In One contains some of the best features available in Windows 10 Pro, education and enterprise edition. The interface it offers is quite user-friendly and eye-catching. It contains Live tiles and frames that displays Photos from your Pictures folder. Snap feature is available which is very helpful in organizing the windows on your computer screen. A new Start menu is available which helps organize your apps and other settings.

Security features are improved, securing you from potential security threats and other malicious apps. Security and other non-security features updates are available regularly from Microsoft. You can get access to cloud storages by signing in for OneDrive. OneDrive is cloud storage that protects your files and data from stealing. You can upload your files to OneDrive and access it anywhere.

Windows 10 All In One (AIO) ISO increases your creativity and productivity by increasing your system performance. You should definitely get Windows 10 All In One (AIO) ISO for free and give it a try because it will meet all your needs.

How To Download Windows 10 All In One (AIO) ISO Free For x86-64 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Windows 10 All In One (AIO) edition free download fully activated bootable ISO full version file can be downloaded for free in a single click from direct download link by clicking on the download button. Official Windows 10 All In One (AIO) edition can be downloaded for free without any cost and trouble in just one click from high-speed servers via direct download link for both 32-bit and 64-bit version.


Q: How do I clean install Windows 10 ISO?

A: If you want to clean install Windows 10 on your computer, then follow the steps:

  1. Download Media Creation Tool from Microsoft Official website
  2. Insert a USB in your computer
  3. Burn the Windows 10 ISO using the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to create an Installation media
  4. Make sure your BIOS settings allow you to boot from a USB.
  5. Plugin the USB and restart your PC.

Q: How much storage is enough for Windows 10 installation?

A: HDD or SSD having a storage space of 16 GB for 32-bit and 20 GB for 64-bit is enough for a clean installation of Windows 10.

Q: What is better SSD or HDD?

A: SSD (Solid State Drive) has no moving parts (mechanical moving arm), rather information is stored in microchips. On the other hand, a hard disk drive uses a mechanical arm with a read/write head to move around and read information from the right location on a storage platter. This is the difference that makes SSD so much faster.

Q: Which is a better 500 GB SSD or 1TB hard drive?

A: Although 1 TB of a hard drive is double the size of 500 GB SSD still the performance of SDD is much more than Hard disk drive. A 500 GB SSD is better than 1 TB hard drive.

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