Windows 7 best features

Windows 7 comes with tons of features. You can find all the new features in every new version of Windows 7. Some new features are introduced to Windows 7 while other features are enhanced and improved. Some of the best features available in Windows 7 are the following;

Windows 7 Best features

Some of the features of Windows 7 are noteworthy. Here we will discuss some of the newly improved and also newly introduced features of Windows 7.

Windows 7 best features

New and Improved Themes

Windows 7 has some of the best themes available as far as I can tell. You will find this interesting that Windows 7 has introduced some new themes that are very helpful and interesting. Now the best thing is that you can customize the themes available in Windows 7. These themes can be customized to best suit your needs.

By customizing I mean you can change the color and icons and other aspects of the themes. Users are now able to download and install new theme packs. These theme packs can then be customized and used. Finding new themes on the web is very easy.

You can also download Windows 7 lite for free.

Windows Explorer

The Windows Explorer of Windows 7 is enhanced up to a great extent. Finding the content in your PC is now easy and simple. New and improved libraries are now available for Windows 7. Windows Explorer is now present in a new look. A new and unified look is available for the content of Windows. In the previous version of Windows, you would find the explorer a bit old and annoying. Thanks to Windows it is now improved.

New Search System

Finding anything on your PC is nothing. You can find almost anything in a matter of seconds. The new search system provided by Windows 7 is very unique. It has improved and smart algorithm. Federated search is available in the Windows 7 new search system which makes searching a lot easier.

Shell Enhancements

New shell enhancements are available in Windows 7. The shell in the previous versions of Windows was not so much smart. By introducing Windows 7, Microsoft has now improved the shell for more advanced users. Now, users with some advanced development can use this improved shell to get their work done. Shell is a very important thing in any operating system. You will find it very useful.

Start Menu

The start menu of Windows 7 is improved. It has some new features available with some new and advanced effects. New effects are introduced to Windows 7 for a more interesting look. A two-column view is still available in Windows 7 with some new changes.

A new search box is also available in Windows 7’s start menu. You can find anything quickly by using the search box available in Start Menu. Using the search field you can find anything right away. When you search for something you will also get some web search links. Using these links you can then find results on the web.

You can also read Windows 7 AIO.

Improved Taskbar

The Windows 7 taskbar is the most unique taskbar since Windows 95. New icons are available in Windows 7 taskbar. You can find how much battery is remaining. You can also find which network you are connected to by using the WiFi icon available in the taskbar. A new Start button is available on the Windows taskbar. The colors used in the taskbar are very live colors.

Improved Performance

You can find the performance of Windows 7 very amazing. The performance of Windows 7 is improved up to a great extent since the last version of Windows. New updates are available every now and then to improve the performance of Windows 7. Other interesting features are available in order to enhance the performance of the Windows OS.

You can also download Windows 7 Professional for free.

Summing Up

Windows 7 has some new and improved features releasing every now and then. You can find Windows 7 interesting by knowing that it is used by most of the users because of its user-friendly environment. You can find all the new features and tools available in Windows 7. It has some of the most important security updates available.

The performance and user-experience are enhanced up to a great extent. All-new keyboard shortcuts are available for making your experience with Windows 7 much easier. You should give Windows 7 a try. Some other editions of Windows 7 are also available. You can also try them as well.

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