Windows 10 New Features

Windows 10 release new features every now and then. You will find all these features very interesting. All new updates of Windows 10 improve something in the Windows OS. Windows 10 has released tons of new features in the year 2020. But the biggest update was released in the month of May. This time Windows 10 released tons of new features.

Some new improvements were made to the already available features. You can find the old features and tools more interesting and innovative. Microsoft does innovations with every new release of Windows 10. If you followed us through the article you can find some new features and details about the features.

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Windows 10 New Features

Some of the new interesting features of Windows 10 are discussed below;

Improved Interface

The interface of Windows 10 is renewed. You can find a new enhanced interface available in the new release of May 2020. A user-friendly interface is the one every buddy is looking for. You can find the interface of the new Windows 10 very user-friendly. User-experience is enhanced up to a great extent. You can find new styles and more detail on the interface.

Controlling Your Updates

You can now control the updates for your Windows 10. The new update now offers you a unique update system where you can control your update system. Controlling your updates is now easy. You can control how you will get updates. Pausing updates is now a new feature available in the May update for Windows 10.

You can also control which time of the day or night you want to get the updates. This feature helped a lot of Windows fans because you will automatically get updates for your Windows 10. You do not need to manually check for updates or anything. It will get updates to you automatically without any worries.

Improved Cortana

Cortana is a digital assistant available in Windows 10. It was a new technology released, for Windows users, in Windows 10. The best thing about this update is that now you can type anything you want and Cortana will find that thing for you.

In the older version of Cortana, you would have to speak aloud in order to get in touch with Cortana. Users would speak aloud if they needed anything. Now, in the latest update for Windows 10, users can type and Cortana will find those results for them.

Resetting PC Improvements

In the older version of Windows 10, you would have to manually reinstall Windows 10 from the files on local storage. Given the new updates now you can reinstall Windows 10 from clouds. There is a new “Cloud Download” option available which lets you reset your PC by downloading a newer version of Windows 10 from clouds.

Improved Search System

The new update has done amazing work by improving the search system available in Windows 10. You can now search your results much faster as compared to the older search system.

FPS in Xbox Game Bar

As you know many of us are gaming geeks. Playing games on Xbox is fun. You can get a real experience of Xbox while playing games on Windows 10. The Windows 10 Xbox game bar is now enhanced and improved. You can find new updates that are made to Xbox Game Bar. A new FPS bar is added to the Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar. It shows real-time FPS to players who are playing games.

New Device Unlock Options

Windows 10 now offers new unlock sign-in options. You can unlock your device with a PIN or Windows Hello Biometric method. You can also unlock your PC with your face. A face recognition unlocking method is also available in the new update. You can set any of these unlocking methods for unlocking your PC.

Rename Virtual Desktops

You can create virtual desktops in Windows 10. After creating virtual desktops you can then rename your virtual desktops. This helps remember your desktop names. You can then interact easily with each of them. In the previous version of Windows 10, you had your virtual desktops named “Desktop 1” and “Desktop 2” etc. The renaming feature is now available in the new update.

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Summing Up

Windows 10 has released tons of new features in order to increase the user-experience. New interesting and user-friendly features are available in Windows 10 new update which released in May 2020. The interface of Windows 10 has been enhanced and improved. You can find all the new features available in the new update of May.

Apart from the above-discussed updates, some new and other interesting changes are made to Windows 10. The performance of Windows 10 is improved up to a great extent in the new update. The experience is much more smooth and interesting. You should really try out these new features.

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