Windows 10 VS Windows 7

Most of the operating systems nowadays use Windows operating system. If you are on a Windows operating system and have to choose between Windows 10 or 7 then let us help you with that. Both of these Windows are good at their own place. You can’t just go around and pick up from both these Windows randomly. First, you have to look at your requirements.

After looking at your requirements you can then go ahead and choose one carefully. You have to be very careful while choosing between Windows 10 or 7. Both of these Windows have some different features and advantages. Think first, then choose. Now let us help you make your decision a little bit easier.

Below are some of the comparisons made for Windows 7 and 10.

windows 10 vs windows 7

Comparison between Windows 7 and 10

Speed and Performance

Windows 7 has good speed and performance. But first, you to consider your PC’s hardware and configuration. Windows 7 is the best option if you have a low-end computer system and hardware. If you have a low configuration computer device then you are good to go for Windows 7.

Windows 10 is better for those devices having high-end hardware. A computer with some high configuration can run Windows 10 smoothly. You must have bigger RAM and more hard drive space to run Windows 10. You can run it smoothly if you have these requirements. You cannot run Windows 10 on devices with low configuration.


You can do multi-tasking with both Windows 7 and 10. Both of these Windows operating systems support multitasking. You can process many things at the same time while on both. Again it depends on your hardware and configuration that how much multi-tasking can you do.

Assistance System

Windows 10 has the best assistance system available. Cortana, a virtual assistant available in Windows 10 developed by Microsoft. Cortana can help you with a lot of things. You can find each and everything a bit easier. You can now do anything using Cortana in Windows 10.

The digital assistant (Cortana) will do anything for you. It will do web searches for you. It can set you reminders and other important things. It can fix what is wrong with your PC. Now being lazy is not a problem anymore. Everything will be done for you in a matter of seconds.

On the other hand, Windows 7 does not has a virtual assistance system. You have to do each and everything manually. You have to your searches on the web by yourself and set reminders for yourself on your own. Windows 10 has overcome the problem of doing things manually.

Gaming On Windows

If you are a game geek you will be excited that Windows 10 has something new for you. It has an Xbox app available. Now you can play your favorite games on Windows operating system. You can sync your game settings across different devices. You will be excited by hearing that Xbox Live is also available on Windows 10. You can now play online games on Xbox Live. Streaming games is now easier with Windows 10.

On the other hand, Windows 10 does not have Xbox or Xbox Live available. You do not have the opportunity to play games on Xbox while on Windows 7. Although you can install other games outside of Microsoft Store. It can run those games.

Windows Store

Microsoft Windows 10 has some other good news for you. And that good news if Microsoft Store. You can now download anything from Microsoft Store. From gaming to editing applications, other entertainment apps are also available. You can get anything from Microsoft Store as you wish. Some of these apps are free while others are paid.

While Windows 7 does not have Microsoft Store available. You cannot install anything from Microsoft Store while on Windows 7. Getting applications from outside Microsoft Store is possible. You can have them and can be used.

Summing Up

Windows 10 and 7 has some advantages and disadvantages. But looking at your needs you have to choose one carefully. My advice is, if you are on a low-end computer device then you should get Windows 7. Choosing it will benefit you in speed and performance while on a low specification device. Windows 7 has speed, accuracy, and performance.

On the other hand, you can choose Windows 10 if you have something heavy to do. If you are on a computer device with high specification or configuration you can then choose Windows 10. It has some advanced features and configurations. You can do any type of work on Windows 10.

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