Edius Pro 7 Free Download [Updated 2023]

Edius Pro 7 Free is a powerful video editing program that editors can use to edit videos. Certain Updates and Features make the video editing process so smooth. Edius Pro 7 is a user-friendly software that edits SD, HD, and 3D videos. You can edit video, audio, and pictures with this software. It is a perfect tool to use for editing commercials, TV shows, movies, etc.

Edius Pro 7 Standalone setup has been updated to the latest version of Windows which makes it easier than ever before. The new features such as the color correction module in addition to other new functions like multi-cam support make Edius Pro an even more powerful program

Last but not least you can download Edius Pro free from our website because we believe that every filmmaker deserves a chance!

Complete Overview of Edius Pro 7

Edius Pro 7 is a digital video non-linear editing software that helps the user to edit videos. The new features in the Edius Pro version are A redesigned interface that includes a single window for both timeline and project browser, support of tabs on selected windows when multiple Edius projects open, flexible layouts with up to four panels per layout mode, drag-drop media from offline storage or network location into an open file(s).

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New keyframe editor – easier navigation between keyframes and construction of complicated animation curves; integrated timelapse feature which will automatically create an interval movie out of still images taken at regular intervals (e.g., every few minutes); improved image processing tools including sharpening filter and edge detection.

It’s very easy to install and run so if you’re looking for a good starting point or just want to try out some different editing programs then I would recommend checking out the amazing features offered by Edius Professional.

main scene editing in the video process

Alter Recordings in Superior Quality

It is a video editing software that allows you to create videos from scratch. It has a lot of professional features for the serious editor including frame-accurate trimming, multi-cam editing, and real-time effects processing.

Edius Pro can also be used as an audio editor with its powerful built-in mixer allowing for noise removal, sound design (EQ) mixing tracks, and adding filters such as reverb or delay. The latest version of Edius now supports up to 12 channels of surround sound which means that it’s possible to edit immersive 360° video projects inside this program too!

Furthermore, there are new visualizations that allow you to see your project at any size so you know how large the final resolution will be available soon.

Synchronous altering process

The synchronous altering process in Edius Pro is a process that allows for real-time control of video editing. This means you are able to see the effects your actions have on the timeline as they happen. The interface also includes tools like keyframe animation, adding and removing layers, and color correction with curves so that you can be precise when it comes time to produce the final cut.

video editing panel

Synchronizing audio and video

Being able to edit both audio and video at once is essential when it comes to post-production work. With Edius Pro’s synchronous alteration process, there’s no need for guesswork or cutting corners just because one needs more attention than another – all edits made will take care of themselves seamlessly in real-time.

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Adding Filters and Animations

To add a filter to an effect, drag the desired effect onto the timeline and drop it on top of your clip. You can also right-click on that same clip in order to create other effects or change its position in relation to another video track.

To see what kind of filters you have available, go to Plugins > Effects and select from there. Animating is done by adding keyframes for each frame at which you want something different to happen with your selected clips; this applies not only to color but also to size, texture, and transparency values.

New Filters

Various new filters have been added to Edius Pro:

* Black and White, which transforms the footage into black-and-white. You can use it on color video clips or you can add a sepia tone for an old film look;

* Camera Film Grit, which is a new filter that simulates the effects of worn-out camera film;

* Color Balance, offers three different modes – Reducing Contrasts (which washes out colors), Boosting Contrasts (makes colors more vibrant), and Neutralizing Colors (adjusts all hues);

* Lens Correction Filter fixes lens distortions like barrel distortion, vignetting, and chromatic aberration. It’ll provide users with presets for common lenses such as standard 35mm cinema lenses.

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New Interface

The interface has been redesigned to be more intuitive and the UI is now clearer with a new tab bar. The dark background helps you focus on your project without distractions. All the necessary features are available as drag-and-drop options in the new UI.

Changes in the UI:

– New Tab Bar

– Drag and Drop for all necessary features in the new UI

Duo View: The newest version of Edius Pro has a basic Duo view that lets you pan, zoom, rotate, and change blending modes without having to switch windows. It also displays both images at once with live editing capabilities. This is perfect for quickly checking your work as it updates on one screen while making edits on another.

Saving Tasks: You can now save your progress on tasks so they don’t get lost if you are interrupted or need to step away from the computer unexpectedly. When you come back, everything will be waiting just where you left off!

Amazing New features

  • A redesigned interface for a more intuitive experience and clearer UI with tabs;
  • Drag & Drop functionality to seamlessly add, move or remove objects like titles, transcripts, captions, etc.;
  • New Split Screen Functionality;
  • Undo/Redo your most recent edits with just one click on the corresponding button at the top of every window or by using Ctrl+z and Ctrl + y respectively;
  • Active tooltips so that you know what each feature does without having to hover over it which gives an unobstructed view of your project timeline. The Timeline also has its own toolbar with all necessary shortcuts available directly from there! All this makes working.

Propelled Video Project Creation

Edius Pro has been designed for the purpose of making projects that are dependent on video. This is perfect for those people who plan to make a movie, TV show, or anything else in this form. Within Edius, it’s easy and fun to organize your project by creating chapters with up to ten sub-chapters each. It also involves setting markers so you can easily edit scenes one at a time without having to go through all of them first.

You will be able to import different media into the timeline and adjust their placement within the track using drag-and-drop functionality from both sources as well as positions in relation to other clips already placed into the timeline. Edius Pro even allows you to set crossfades between shots which makes it unique.

System Requirements for Edius Pro 7 Version Standalone

Below are the must-have system requirements before installing this software:

  • Free Space: 2GB
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, and above (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or better.
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM plus 200MB* for each additional concurrent project opened. For example, if you open a second project while the first is running in Edius Pro at 80% CPU utilization on an 800 MHz processor, then it would require 4GB of memory. *Note that this number may be higher depending on what types of effects are being used in a particular timeline.

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