Edius Pro 8 Free Download (Standalone Latest)

Edius Pro 8 Standalone Download is a super amazing video editing software. It’s a well-known video editing software and it has many features. It is available for Windows as well as Mac OSX. New Updates and features make it more reliable for video editing.

This powerful editing software can handle unlimited tracks in real time and lets you edit anything anywhere on your computer. It’s a great and easy way to edit videos. Let’s move on to the amazing features it contains and discuss it one by one.

Complete Overview of Edius Pro 8

Edius Pro can be downloaded free of cost from the internet. It is an amazing video editing software with many features like timeline trimming, audio syncing, panning/zooming on clips in the Timeline window, etc. It has a very simple interface that helps users with quick learning and also gives them more flexibility while working on it. So if you are looking for good quality video editing software then Edius Pro 7 should be your choice!

Edius Pro 9 Free Download (Latest)

It supports all major formats including QuickTime (.mov), MPEG-PS (.mpg/.mpeg) as well as Windows Media Player (.wmv). This is great for beginners and professionals alike. It’s hard to think of all the features Edius Pro has, but one thing that sets it apart from other software like Premiere or Final Cut is its interface.

Video effects

It is a well-known video editing software that has been used by many professionals. The features of Edius Pro include the ability to edit videos and create professional productions with the use of all layers, menus, control points, and effects on different levels such as audio mixers, transitions, or built-in generators like titles/capsules.

Several new video effects have been added interface of Edius Pro includes an innovative timeline that is multi-layered and allows for the use of control points on three different layers. This means you can edit with precision in time, and color or by adding your own effects such as audio mixers, transitions, or built-in generators like titles/capsules.

Edius Pro also features a video mixer that brings together all tracks to be mixed at the same time so they are heard correctly without any need to add soundtracks afterward.

You will find over 200 presets already installed giving beginners access to professional results right out of the box! The timeline also enables you to see which part of your project will be cut out when exporting it into another format (such as for DVD), so no need for rendering any more frames than necessary! It’s not just an editor – it’s a complete production toolkit too!

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Amazing Video Editing Program

For beginners, this will be a great video editing program because they can see everything at once on the timeline strip in chronological order. Professionals love how simple it makes things while navigating through clips and trimming off unwanted footage without having to jump back and forth between multiple screens or menus. This version also includes some new updates such as audio syncing and panning/zooming on clips viewable in the Timeline window which enhances them even more!

Even though there are many amazing video editing programs out there but this one is special because you can daily understand how it works and there are no obstacles in your way.

Final Cut Vs Edius Pro 8 Which is Better?

Edius Pro and Final Cut are both powerful editing software choices for video professionals. But which one reigns supreme? Let’s find out!

  • Edius Pro is better than the final cut for its price, usability, and overall features.
  • Final Cut is better than Edius Pro for its focus on professional-grade editing and larger customer base.

Complete New Interface

Edius Pro is the only professional editing system with a completely new interface that’s designed for today’s demanding workflows. With its intuitive design and modern UI, Edius offers an efficient way to edit your videos faster than any other production software in the market – right out of the box!

  • The toolbar has been redesigned for Windows for the timeline and file browser
  • Intuitive design
  • Brand-new look & feel
  • Streamlined UI with no clutter

Drag and Drop to Create Intuitive Transitions

The Edius interface has been completely redesigned so that you don’t need many tools and windows cluttering the screen. All editing tasks are handled with a single window, making it much easier for editors of all levels to trim clips, create transitions or add effects without hours of training.

Library Browser Component

The Library of Edius Pro has been reorganized into a new, modern, and logical structure.

editing a video clip in seconds

Library Browser Component is now available in the View menu of Edius Pro. You can access it from anywhere in the application by clicking on the Library browser icon or pressing the Ctrl+L shortcut key to bring up the navigation panel with different tabs: Files, Media Properties, Sequences Listing, and Keyframes/Timeline Listing.

You will find all your media files listed under the Files tab just as they were before but this time you are able to view them according to their type: Audio Video, Images, etc., and see file properties such as size location date created duration (if video), change the display name for better searchability purposes using Rename option that appears when right-clicking over any file.

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New Functions in Edius Pro 8

  • New interface to seamlessly move from editing, compositing, and color correction.
  • The new timeline features a redesigned user interface that makes it easier for users to understand their role in the creative process.

Supports both SD and HD formats up to 60p or 1080i with H264 compression codecs, on Windows XP SP 56+ (Vista/Windows) NVIDIA GeForce FX, ATI Radeon X300+, and Intel Extreme Graphics P4000+.

Support for Multichannel Audio: Dolby Digital EX which is compliant with DVD specification; DTS ES Matrix VE which meets all requirements of Blu Ray Disc player standard; MPEG Layer II. MPEG audio as defined by DVB digital TV system standards.

A great interface that makes it easy to learn how to edit videos – Over 200 preinstalled presets give beginners access

Audio Filters

Variable Speed: Control the speed of audio playback with a single slider. Create slow-motion effects or change tempos to fit video clips in your sequence.

Pitch Correction: Correct pitch without changing tempo by adjusting frequency and duration controls for both vocals and instruments. Change key quickly, fix sour notes, and make solos sound sweeter than they really are!

main editing dashboard

Reverb: Add depth to sounds with presets designed for different environments such as small rooms, concert halls, or cathedrals. Or create custom reverbs from scratch using our intuitive graphical interface that lets you shape every aspect of reverb tailoring music playback to any environment imaginable!

New Features in Edius Pro 8

Below are some amazing new features available in it:

  • Customizable Toolbar: gives you the power to create and customize your own toolbar, with a variety of different tools! This is great for those who often want quick access to certain features.
  • Keyword Tracker: this new feature helps keep track of keywords you’re using in all aspects of editing video content – from timeline markers, through transcoded timelines, right down to audio files. It’s an amazing way to find out how much time was spent on perfecting that one line or shot when it comes down to finalizing edits.
  • TextFX Presets: there are preset text effects that can make titles pop just by dragging and dropping them onto media sources within the software interface. These preset allow users more flexibility.
  • New Interface.
  • Support Multilanguage.
  • Edit Streamline.

Video Settings for Edius Pro Version Standalone:

Enable Hardware Acceleration and Select the Appropriate Resolution in Preferences > Video Output > General tab to make smoother video output when working on big projects.

Optimize playback performance by selecting the appropriate resolution or minimizing screen size in the Preferences > Playback Settings menu when performing a Full Preview of your project.

System Requirements for Edius Pro 8 Version Standalone

Below are the must-have system requirements before installing this software:

  • RAM: 1 GB at least.
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 at least.
  • Graphics Card: DirectX-compatible graphics card with 256 MB memory (NVIDIA, ATI).
  • Free Space: 5 GB

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