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Edius Pro 9 is a video editing software that enables you to edit videos, add animations and other effects. Edius Pro 9 offers great features that empower you to edit videos in real-time with high-resolution settings and more. Edius Pro 9 Download is a high-end video editing software that offers great features and tools to enhance your videos.

Complete Overview of Edius Pro 9

It supports 60fps, 4K, 3D VFX, and more. Edius has a great addition of new plugins in Edius Pro 9 such as Overcrank/Undercrank with slow-motion effects for both Video and Audio tracks. Other Edi tools added are Trim and TimeStretch.

Edius Pro 7 Free Download [Updated]

With the new update, it does allow you to edit unlimited tracks in real-time and do anything anywhere. It provides many more features and tools for editing with it that can be purchased from Edius’s Official website.

Editing some cartoon scenes

It is a great addition to the Edius series of video editing software. Edius has become the most used piece of software by youtube videographers and Facebookers who enjoy creating videos. Edius Pro has added many vital features, offering you an experience like no other.

Supported 60fps

It supports up to 60fps video encoding. Edius Pro 8 supported only 30fps. Edius Pro 8 users can work with 60fps now as well. Furthermore, Edius Pro 10 (the next version of Edius) will include even more updates so that we are able to encode at higher frame rates as well. Edius Pro 10 will support even more than 60fps video encoding (120fps etc)

Somehow, It can identify a scene in a video clip and then automatically search for I-frames with the highest quality within the detected scene. The result of such an operation is a high-quality sequence that will allow you to encode it using only the best images. It examines every part of the source material and identifies interlaced frames that are suitable for encoding into a progressive format while eliminating unnecessary frames from consideration. It can also detect reverse telecine pulldown automatically (but I guess it’s almost useless nowadays). By default, this option is turned off;

It has been improved in its scene detection function and it also allows you to select the default output format of the export file based on a list of scenes found in the clip of your timeline. As an example, if Ediuous detects a short passage with fast movement in the clip, it will do a quick forward interpolation.

Noise Reduction in Videos

Now it has an auto noise reduction feature. It automatically reduces the background noise in videos.

Noise Reduction can be applied everywhere on Timeline: Filters, Effects, Titles, etc… and you can control the strength of the Noise Reduction effect via a slider from 0 to 100. You will not lose any video information when increasing this value higher than 100%. Edius will just add more amplification to the original image or video without producing any visual artifacts.

Improved Colour Grading Capability

Its Pro version now is able to apply color grading to processing filters as well. Previously only in the 8th version. It is used to apply color grading on clip sources, but now Edius applies the same effect to processing filters as well.

New Edits to Previous Edits

It has a new add-on tool called “New Edits To Previous Edits”. This tool adds more flexibility when creating video and audio transitions in your projects. When applying this tool it will create a copy of the previous edit above it so you can keep editing the original edit below it while keeping parts of its timeline unchanged. So if you want to change just that part then simply double-click on that part of the timeline and continue editing!

next level of video editing

Improved 3D Animation tools:

For all those who like working with 3D animations, it has made a couple of significant improvements: It can now apply 3D effects to titles. Edius used to have this feature before in Edius 8, but it was removed in Edius 9, and now it is including this amazing tool back into this version so now you can add video or audio effects to your title! Such Edius filters that are supported on Edius Title have been added include: “Wipe”, “Hole/Mask” and “Random Mask”.

Camera Tracking & Cinema4D Support

For all those who enjoy working with professional broadcasting or cinema production tools, It has added support for Camera Tracking methods. So if for example, you want to track a camera movement inside Edius, it now supports Cinema4D. It also added support for Virtual Track and Photorealistic Tracking based on the Open CV library.

Professional Video Editing Software

It is a professional video editing software that has been used by the world’s top media companies: Avid Technology, FOX News, Turner Broadcasting System (TBS), HBO, NBC Sports, and Disney Animation Studio. It is used in movie production houses such as Walt Disney Pictures & Pixar Animation Studios. It provides perfect handling of complex projects with unlimited tracks per timeline that can be edited individually or together – all layers are available at any time in HD/SD format. It comes with limitless effects and filters.

Filters and Edge Mask

It has added new filters to Edius as well as a new 3D Filter. The Edius community is already creating Edius-based effects that are compatible with them.

“Edge Mask”: It has a range of different Edge Mask options which can be used in combination with the new “Gaussian Blur” and “Sharpen Edges” filters for some impressive results. Ediosfans also suggest using it on still images, or video layers without changing the speed keyframes, but instead just sliding through the video frame by frame (by dragging the green bar).

Filter Creation Tool

The filter creation tool is an amazing feature that enables users to create their own video and audio processing filters using the Edius SDK. Users can now share their customized effects through forums and websites, or by uploading them directly into Edius for other users to install them onto their installations of Edius.

But first, you will need to register for a free account at www.edivs.com in order to download your own Edius SDK and this version Ediusfans are very excited about its potential applications. It has released a tutorial for creating Edius-based effects using the Edius SDK.

The Edius Community Forum

The Edius community forum is where Edius users can share comments, tips, and tricks on how to improve their Edius skills! Some of these posts might be questions or answers that you search for, so take a look! Ediusfans also suggest Edius-based effects created by Edius users through the Edius SDK.

Live Text Template Editor

This is an amazing new feature in this version which allows you to quickly create animated text templates by importing photos and background images into your videos as a layer. You can then add text to the image while editing the layers in real-time (instant preview). It includes a range of new text effects. Ediusfans have been creating Edius-based effects that are compatible with this new template editor feature.

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Project Porting

It can now import projects from Edius 4, Edius 5, Edius 6, and Edius 7. It is currently possible to create/convert projects for the following formats: MOD (Avid OpenDV), OMF (Avid Intermediates), XDCAM EX/HD (Sony MXF-RAW), and EDLs (Final Cut XML).

It has included many changes in it such as removing the Flange filter.

Some new Features in Edius Pro 9

  • It has introduced lots of new functions.
  • It has introduced some good changes in it.
  • More function of working with the timeline.
  • It is possible to make some changes to the clip’s length after trimming the clips by dragging a corner point of a clip.
  • You will see your play head moving left or right when you move two points.

System Requirements for Edius Pro 9 Download

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or Core i3.
  • Memory (RAM): 1GB of RAM is required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 5 GB of free space required

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