Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2016 Free Download (Updated)

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2016 is a powerful video production application, that adds animations, effects, and other additions to your clips. It will allow you to capture as well as edit the content. It contains all the tools you need to tell your story in video format. Almost every video content producer is making use of this software for production.

It’s a professional video editing software, which is used for making films and videos with both high-end effects as well as low-budget ones. The different Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2016 features include the ability to capture footage from multiple types of cameras; you can also edit it with various transitions or graphics if required. You’ll be able to crop your clips too.

Overview of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2016

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2016 makes the video editing process easy. You can edit the footage from various types of cameras, crop it and add transitions or graphics if required with this video editing software.

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The features offered by Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2016 include capturing footage from different camera sources; you can also edit your videos using a wide range of tools like adding text, applying filters, or blending images together to create stunning effects. There are many other creative ways in which it lets you make professional-looking films quickly and easily.

Capture Footage From Multiple Camera Types

With the latest version, you have access to high-resolution graphic content that includes movable subjects as well as still image sets for creating animated titles and credits sequences.- Edit Your Videos Quickly.

Multiple Camera Types mean you can shoot footage from different camera sources and then edit them together to create a single film.

Create Animated Titles And Credits Sequences

Create animated titles and credits sequences using the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2016, which includes movable subjects as well as still image sets for creating animated titles and credits sequences. Giving Animations to the Title and Credits now can be done with a single click. You can create animations for the title and credits sequences, including animated text with movable subjects in a live-action shot that you take from different camera sources, and then edit them together to make one sequence.

It is also possible to just animate the background colors in your titles or change the color of every letter as it appears on screen – all at once. These settings are applied individually per type of media—instead of applying animation effects globally across everything you add to your project.

The new Title tool allows you to drag content like photos, graphics, video clips, audio files, and Adobe Stock images into place within an existing composition so they appear where desired while creating a transition between scenes without having copies of all footage inserted.

Screenshot Video Editing

Import Footage From Different Camera Types To Edit Together

Easily import footage from cameras like DSLRs or mobile devices so that you can combine all of your shots into one seamless sequence in order to create professional-looking films quickly when editing videos with this video editing software.

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Whenever you record any video clip on your DSLRs Camera, you can import it directly and then add the recorded videos to your Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2016 software with a high resolution. Once you’ve imported footage, transfer it into one of the video editing projects that are open in this video editor and drag it over to where desired within the timeline.

The Famous DSLRs Brands which are supported and Recommended for Adobe Premiere Pro are Nikon, Canon, Sony, and Panasonic. The Famous mobile devices which are supported and Recommended for Adobe Premiere Pro are iPhone, and iPad (HD). If you’re new to video editing software like this one or if you’re an experienced user who is switching from a different product then there’s plenty that will make it easier than ever before to start creating professional-looking films with just the click of your mouse.

There are simple-to-use tools that allow users to edit in short bursts without worrying about hours being spent on perfecting every detail before moving on – making it possible to take more risks when editing videos with it. It also provides intuitive ways for video editing and making sequences.

Apply Filters

You can now apply filters to your recorded clips In Multiple Ways For a Variety Of Looks. You can also apply these filters to imported clips. For example, if you have a clip of someone wearing a bright red shirt and want the footage to be in black & white but still see their colorful clothes, then you would place that clip on top of another video with those colors inverted so that it only appears as shades of grayscale for viewers while leaving the shape and texture intact.

You can blend images together to create stunning effects with these filters by making use of a blending tool, which allows you to take a color from one clip and have it affect the colors of another. The Color Pencil tool is also available for those who want more precision when editing their footage, allowing you to choose which parts of your recorded video should be affected by this filter.

Screenshot of Clips arranging

In addition, Premiere Pro provides four-way blending modes that will allow users to combine two or three clips together in different ways such as Screen+Lighter (combines images with lighter brightness levels) and Lighter+Screen (makes an image brighter while keeping its original lightness). You can even create a variety of new looks without altering any settings using just these Blending Modes: Difference+, Addition+, Darken Only, and Lighten Only+.

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Another feature that makes this tool really stand out is its advanced color correction system which will allow you to tweak colors to perfection! What’s more, there are other helpful functions like extracting audio tracks and mixing them up using multitrack mode; adding voiceovers while shooting live events, etc., merging scenes together via trimming options, export finished works.

Support Multiple Video Formats

It also supports the most popular video formats including MPEG, QuickTime, and AVI as well as HDV for high-definition television. It also has compatibility with footage from a variety of cameras such as Canon EOS C300, Panasonic AG-AC90, Sony NXCAM SR11E (PAL), and Sony PSRX100. This means that it is easy to share any type of content on different devices or websites without having to convert anything beforehand.

New Video Formats

– MPE (Pentax)

– MXF OP-Atom XML (Avid)

– MPEG Streamclip (*.mpg/.mpeg, *.dat, *.mov)

– Ogg Vorbis (*.ogg only for export; import is not yet supported as of Adobe Premier Pro CC v12.0)

New Audio Formats

MPEG Layer II (.mpa), Dolby Digital ACELP Codec Packages (.acs files), AIFF/AIFV IMA ADPCM(*.adpcm). The inclusion of these formats into the software makes it easier to save in different audio and video types like AAC & MPEG etc., which are often used in this software.

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Export Videos in Different File Types

You are able to export videos using MPEG-four Part 14 compliant file types like .mpg/.mpeg/, and H264/MPEG-four. Exporting video clips you have edited is also possible.

*MPEG-four Part 14 (.mpg/.mpeg)

*H264/MPEG-four (*.h264, *.mpg/.mpeg)

You can export videos using MPEG-two formats like .avi or H265 for subtitles and captions. You are able to edit any video clip with a different resolution that is in the timeline by simply dragging it into a media bin while working on your project file which will automatically resize them accordingly without losing the quality of the original clips even if they have been recorded at various resolutions depending upon what you need and want. The new features added to it make this software more user-friendly than earlier versions for editing purposes.

The ability to render out sequences makes the software more famous. You can also edit your videos when importing subtitle files for them.

System Requirements for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2016

Below are the system requirements for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2016 Version:

  • Free Space: 16 GB at least
  • RAM: 6GB Minimum
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 660 or greater, AMD Radeon HD 6970 or greater
  • Processor: Intel Core i-series CPU (i.e., a minimum of Intel Core i-Series 17 – 6700)
  • Operating System: Windows Vista SP0 with Service Pack 0 and higher; 64 Bit Systems Required for use on 32-bit systems.
  • Additional Requirements to Render/Export Video Content: For rendering in 1080p High Definition video you will need GPU that supports OpenCL version 2560, such as NVIDIA GeForce 6000 series GPUs; ATI RADEON 4850 series GPUs; Graphics Cards must support the following APIs at a minimum OpenGL v.20+ / DirectX 11+
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 series GPU as well as ATI Radeon 9000 series GPUs are recommended to have a full performance experience while running Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2016 free download on your system. However, if you do not have one of these cards then it is still possible to edit videos but you might experience some lag in video playback which can be fixed by upgrading your computer’s graphics card driver.

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