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Windows 11 is the latest version of Windows with the latest features and updates. A completely new look this time makes the Windows 11 Free Download more user-friendly. Windows has a reputation of being more secure than Mac and Linux and Windows 11 is the app that will help you not just to learn but also boost your skills in computer science.

Overview of Windows 11 With Office 2019 Pro Plus

It offers an experience unlike any other as it gives you 1TB of space on OneDrive hence all the files on your system are automatically backed up online with Windows 11 Free Download ISO which means you don’t have to worry about losing important data while reinstalling Windows ever again.

Windows 11 Free Download

Windows Defender is Windows’s built-in antivirus app and firewall protecting Windows devices from malware. You can manually check for Windows updates or schedule a time that works best for you, so Windows installs the latest updates without interrupting its Offline Installer’s use.

You can also choose to download individual update files from Windows Update if you prefer not to do an entire ISO image. If you would prefer not to allow Windows to automatically install updates but still want notifications about them, change this setting to No (not recommended).

A quick look at the desktop

New Taskbar Design

The taskbar is a very important part of the overall user experience and in Windows 7 the feedback from users was that it could be improved. Gone is the single hugeness and transparency; what you see here is there to stay: with every new update, no matter which part of Windows 10 you’re using, you’ll find exactly the same-looking taskbar. The main things it does though are still present (Start button, Task View, etc.), and on top of that Microsoft has added some extra functionality like Quick Link Menu for quick access to files or programs pinned to it.

Office 2019 look in winodws 11

Getting used to this new Windows 11 taskbar might not be easy but it is worth the effort, especially if you are a keyboard user who relies heavily on shortcuts like Win + R or Win + X.

Windows Sets

One feature hidden in this mode is Tabs which isn’t new per se but definitely deserves to be mentioned as it’s still pretty unknown. It allows you to create groups of similar windows and switch between them using tabs that look just like on your favorite web browser (for example Chrome).

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If you want more space for whichever app is currently active you can also move all the other apps onto their own tabs, close to the other side of the screen, and give yourself more room.

Microsoft Office 2019

If you’re using Windows since day one, Microsoft Office is something that you have definitely heard about but in case you haven’t then here’s a quick rundown. It’s an office suite (word processor, spreadsheet application, presentation software, etc.) with dozens of applications pre-installed which help users to do just about anything related to document preparation or processing. The latest updates come packed with even more new features and improvements so if this is your first time hearing about it – go for it!

Latest Updates

One thing that many people either love or hate is the installation page where you first choose which version to download, then select an edition and finally specify how you want to install it. The best part though lies in giving users total control over when they want new updates installed, something that has been very well received by both home users and businesses alike.

If you have Windows Update Windows 10 you don’t have to worry about anything as the updates are installed by default but if you’re using Pro, Enterprise, or Education it’s highly recommended that you keep an eye on these updates (if they apply to your version of Windows).

Live Tiles

The updated menu no longer features live tiles, which are known for displaying information quickly and providing quick ways to open apps. Windows 10 will now display a colored Windows logo on the tiles but that’s about it.

However, there are so many apps with live tile capabilities on Windows 8 and Windows 10 that you won’t even think of this minor change. All the other default Windows apps do support live tiles though so if you’re using them – don’t expect any changes there.

Start Menu

This is probably one of the Windows 11 features users were most excited about after the release of Windows 8, which introduced us to the Start Screen, something no one really liked. Thankfully Windows 7 brought back its predecessor but more than just bringing it back from death – Microsoft added a brand new feature called Start Menu and you can find all your favorite shortcuts in there including the Windows Settings button.

All Windows 11 Start Menu updates are designed to make Windows easier to use and more efficient, starting from Windows 10 which got rid of the ribbon-style menu introduced in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Recent Updates

Last but not least is Windows Sandbox which will allow you to run applications without affecting your other apps or content. You can also use this feature for troubleshooting as it allows you to test programs that often cause conflicts with Windows settings without damaging any data on your computer, allowing you to roll back changes easily if something goes wrong. So if there was one feature worth trying out in Windows 11 then Windows Sandbox would definitely be it!

To wrap it all up here’s a quick Windows 11 update that will take you through all the new Windows 11 features. Head over to Windows Update Windows 10 and check out the best Windows updates so far! []

To get started: Download Windows 11 Free. After you finish downloading, follow this guide on how to install Windows 11 without using a product key. Once installed, continue with these Windows Updates Windows 10 steps in order to keep your system updated for free! 🙂

Windows 8.1 Pro Disk Image (ISO File) Free Download [Updated]

Weather, News, and Live Score

Windows 11 now features 3 new Windows apps, alongside the Windows News app already included in Windows 10. The Weather app also comes with several Live Tile options so you can always check current weather conditions on your Windows desktop. The Windows Sports app for Windows 11 lets you follow your favorite teams and get the latest scores directly from the Windows desktop.

The Windows Music app is also available as a part of the Windows 11 update and it replaces Windows Media Player. Aside from improvements to music playback software – there are some new features as well: You can easily create playlists right from the same window where you add songs to favorites or even start playing them immediately without having to go back and forth between programs!

You can even sync your favorite playlists using Windows 11 so that they’re available on any Windows 10 device you have. Windows Store is also getting an overhaul, with the Windows Store Beta for Windows 11 allowing users to buy movies and TV shows as well as new apps from Windows including Windows Explorer, Paint and a lot more!

One thing worth mentioning is the fact that Windows Media Player will still be included in Windows 10 but it’ll be replaced by Groove Music (coming soon!) on Windows Phone devices. That said, all of your progress made with WMP will be synced across other Windows 10 platforms – keeping them up-to-date at all times!

Interestingly enough, Windows Spotlight is Windows 10’s new feature that will display amazing and high-quality images on your Windows desktop. Windows Spotlight for Windows 11 offers a beautiful way to explore nature, science, culture, history, and more!

To get started with Windows Background in Windows 11 follow these simple steps: Update Windows 10. Then head over to Windows Store and install the Windows Spotlight.

Once you’ve installed the app, open it from Start Menu or by typing spotlight into the Cortana search box. If this is your first time using Windows Spotlight, you’ll see something similar to the below image: click the’ Get personalized background’ button. Now select photos from multiple sources such as OneDrive, Facebook, or Instagram accounts (or any other folder containing pictures). Once done setting Windows Spotlight with the Windows logo and a beautiful background image.

IMPORTANT: Windows Spotlight Windows 10 not only changes your Windows desktop – it can also display wallpapers for Lock Screen and other Windows 10 apps like Mail or Calendar! This is another useful feature for Microsoft Windows users.

App Suggestions

A very cool Windows 9 feature was the ability to auto-download apps as you scroll past them in Start Menu. With this update comes suggestions for both Free and Paid Apps from Windows Store to help users discover what’s out there faster than ever before.

Amazing New Features in Windows 11

  • Whole new interface. It features a Windows 10-style Start Menu with Windows apps. The Windows icon is the only thing that hasn’t changed – it’s still in the bottom left corner of your Windows desktop by default.
  • Windows Taskbar has been redesigned to become very similar to what you’ve seen on Windows Phone devices for years now, so if you have ever used Windows Phone or even Windows 10, then you’ll feel right at home! 🙂
  • Windows Settings and Personalization are merged into one app. You can change everything from themes to passwords, display settings, and more!
  • There are new updates for most Windows apps: For example, there is a built-in Weather app, but instead, we have 3 different Windows apps (one for each kind of data you want to see) – Windows Weather, Windows Calendar, and Windows Finance.
  • It comes with a File Explorer that has been redesigned to look more like Windows Phone, plus the ability to pin folders which is extremely useful! You can also hide this feature from your navigation bar in it if you don’t use it much.
  • WindowsFolderPreviewer: Folders are easily accessible and right on your Windows desktop – no need for opening up separate programs, as everything is now virtually integrated together.
  • In Windows 11, there is now a Mail app that allows users to set up their accounts including Gmail, Yahoo! and others. This new Mail app looks much better than Windows 8’s version of it.

System Requirements For Windows 11 With Office 2019 Pro Plus

When downloading Windows 11 With Office 2019 Pro Plus, make sure your PC can meet the requirements.

  • Hard Disk Space: 9 GB of free space required.
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB of RAM is required.
  • Processor: 2.5 gigahertz (GHz) or faster (Core i5 or Upper).

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