Best Tablets for Teachers [Updated 2023]

Be it the old times or the new era; the need to evolve according to the technology around you has always been a critical aspect of adapting and growing in any field of work.

The same applies to the classroom. Not only as a student but even as a teacher, you need to have the latest tools available to you that may aid the entire learning environment you are in. This brings us to today’s topic of the best available tablets for teachers in the market.

Before moving further, let’s talk about the need to incorporate tablets into your daily routine as a teacher. As I mentioned above, bringing technology into the classroom has now become essential more than ever. In today’s world of Online Classes (which includes the use of Zoom and Google Meet), remote behavior management (ClassDoJo), and Student Portfolio management (SeeSaw), the need to have a device in hand makes it such an easier task for the teachers to catch up with the modern way of spreading their knowledge.

“But why Tablets?”

I mean, why wouldn’t one consider having a PC, Laptop, Notebook, or even Chromebooks for that matter? The answer to this is pretty simple. Most of the teaching-related work can be handled by the mobile processing chipset of a Tablet. Therefore, going through the hassle and cost of purchasing a bulkier machine when portability seems to be the most critical factor in the classroom, the tablet seems to be the obvious choice.

Now that we have established the need to have a tablet with you as a teacher in your digital or physical classroom, let us discuss the types of tablets you should consider.

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What are the basic software and hardware configurations that you will need to successfully incorporate technology into your teaching schedule with ease?
What are the must-haves in your tablet, and what other extra packages can you benefit from?

Best Tablets for Teachers

Features to Consider

While there are a ton of features that you could consider while deciding on your tablet purchase, there are certain key factors that need to be looked at by you as a teacher. The main aspect here is compatibility, of course. Adding an Apple product in your bucket (which runs on the IOS platform) to teach in a classroom with most of its courses designed on Microsoft-based software will definitely be a compatibility nightmare.

Furthermore, there are certain apps that work on only certain types of platforms, for example, DoInk. Therefore, giving priority to the type of OS the tablet runs is pretty much necessary, to begin with. Moving on, once the platform is decided, you may want to consider the following:

Battery Life

Now, obviously, in the middle of a session, you wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself with your tablet running low on battery and practically ending the session until you wait for it to recharge. Hence, having a good battery is an important characteristic that you should consider before making a move. Also, having a long battery life helps you multitask while you serve your classroom. You may want to do quick research in the background without interrupting the session going on, and that’s where the good battery life helps you run longer sessions without having to worry about the tablet going off.

Pen Support and Options

This feature has now increasingly gained demand over the past few years due to the flexibility options it provides a teacher while giving lectures in the classroom. One can practically eliminate the need for a whiteboard/blackboard if the tablet has the option of pen support. This way, you may use different note features on the tablet to interact live on the study document while giving out your lecture.

A practical example of the use of a Pen in your tablets is practicing past exam papers with your students. You have the option of solving the past exam with your students live, making key notes along the way.

Audio Input and Output

By this, I mean the tablets with the best available speakers and microphone quality. The digital classroom is now a reality in the current world and is expected to be a necessity in the future. Digitalization of the classroom involves the increased use of Video Conferencing Software like Google Meet/Google Class, Zoom, and Skype.

For this purpose, you would definitely want to have good-quality speakers on your tablet to aid your hearing. Yes, you may have the leverage of using hands-free earphones while taking your class but, there will always be a time when you would need to use your tablet speakers, and having good ones will be amazing at that time.

Similarly, a good microphone output is also a key feature of your tablet. The clearer your students hear what you are teaching, the better understanding they get and hence, better exam results (not necessary for dumb students though, HAHA).

Camera Specifications

This is pretty much in continuation with the above-mentioned feature. A good quality camera helps deliver a better picture quality of the document you are trying to show on video. Or as a matter of fact, while video conferencing, a good camera may help portray a good quality picture of you on the call and may be a source of confidence for you while you deliver your lecture.

Processing Speed

Now, let us get into the more technical characteristics that one teacher might consider having on his or her tablet. Since today’s world revolves around speed, would you want to have a lagging device that responds slower than your 2-month-old baby?

Hence, considering the chipset and manufacturer of the device is pretty much a vital feature to look into before making the purchase.

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Screen – Display and Size

The big brands out there use Amazing screen quality and display size as the Unique Selling Point for you to purchase their device over various options out there. Apple boasts about the Retina display technology it has in its IPADs, and Samsung proclaims it has one of the most exemplary FHD+ screens on its tablets. This war among the giants regarding the display of their devices is a clear indicator of where the majority of consumer preference lies. Hence, regardless of whether you are a teacher or not, you should also consider having a good display alongside a decent screen size for your tablet.

Side Note: You would want some private time with your device other than in the classroom.

Storage Space

This is by far the most obvious feature that needs no explanation as to why it should be prioritized while considering purchasing a tablet for you as a teacher.
Multiple projects, a certain amount of homework, super large documents, so many classroom-specific applications, and on top of all that, space for your private use. All of this needs storage space, and therefore it should be a key element in your final decision

Wi-Fi and Cellular Connectivity

This feature may be last on our features to consider list; however, the importance of having good connectivity platforms is never undermined and should be an aspect you may want to look into before the purchase.

Talking about the Wi-Fi bandwidths, then the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology is a must-have for your device so that you may stay connected in class at all times without needing to reconnect regularly due to poor connectivity issues.

Similarly, for devices that support cellular connectivity, you should focus on the major bandwidths available for your device. Having 5G connectivity around is not necessary as this is a fairly new technology in the world around us; however, having the option of 5G is definitely not bad. Otherwise, support for 4G LTE connections is quite the benchmark because anything less than this, and you may always want to resort to a nearby Wi-Fi connection to ensure reliable connectivity.

Let’s Begin

Bravo! Since you have now read all the way down to here, you are well aware of what you need. To recall a bit, we have established the need to incorporate technology in modern-day teaching. This is backed by the frequent use of classroom-specific software nowadays by teachers.

Then, we jotted down some key characteristics that you should consider before making the purchase. Since there are a variety of options out there, we recognized the need to have features like good battery life, storage space, processing speed, camera quality, connectivity, and display.

Considering all of the above features, I have managed to produce a list for you with the best options available out there in the market currently. There are 7 tablets in this list that you will read ahead, and due to the extensive research put into all of this, it is safe to say that you will now be looking at the “7 Best Tablets for Teachers in 2021”.

Top Recommended Tablets for Teachers

#1. Microsoft Surface 7 Pro

The Surface series is by far the best gadget series introduced by Microsoft in recent times. Not only does it function superbly as a tablet, but it also has the versatility of converting into a full-fledged laptop for your studio needs. Microsoft acclaims this to help you type, touch, draw, write, work, and play more naturally.

Now, integrating its specifications with the requirements for a teacher in today’s modern-day environment, let us start off with a beautiful 12.3-inch PixelSense Full HD Display. The 267ppi pixel density produced by the screen emits stunning visualizations and crisp picture quality. Furthermore, for the tablet mode, you have the 10-point multi-touch system that lets you play, scroll and surf smoothly on this device.

Taking classes on this device or via this device, both are equally satisfying and comfortable. The detachable surface device is such a portable option that moving around with it in your class shouldn’t be a problem.

Furthermore, the kickstand at the back lets you roll back your table at a 15-degree angle for times you need to write and draw on the tablet for live interaction with the students.

The performance of this 2-in-1 convertible is powered by the 10th Gen Intel Core-i5 chipset along with 8GB of DDR4 RAM. This combination of hardware specifications is more than enough for your classroom needs and should do wonders for your personal entertainment time.

How long does the device last? Long enough for you to easily take all your online classes, video conference chats, and go through the digital classroom apps throughout the day.

Yes! 10-12 hours of battery timing is a wonderful aspect of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

Last but not least, the storage aspect is also pretty much covered with this tablet. 128GB of SSD storage not only loads your Operating System and Applications faster but also gives you the comfort of not worrying about your heavy documents and class projects.

To sum it up, the Microsoft Surface 7 Pro is an all-rounder of a tablet and laptop device. It has all the elements that a teacher would require for the modern era of digital teaching. Therefore, it is safe to say that this is one of the best tablets for a teacher in 2021.


  • Powerful
  • 2-in-1
  • Long battery life


  • Average screen display

#2. Apple IPAD

Apple is the go-to brand for many when it comes to the gadget industry. Not only has Apple categorically distinguished itself as a luxurious brand but, it has also ensured that the product delivered by Apple in each section of the gadget industry is worth diving deep into your pockets.

This IPAD 7th Generation is a no-brainer when deciding to purchase a tablet for your classroom. Powered by the A10-Fusion chip, the IPAD is more than capable of handling your classroom requisites. Be it live video conferencing, lengthy school projects, or solving past exam papers; you can do it all with your IPAD.

For video conferencing, as mentioned, you have a 2MP HD camera at the front of the device, which has amazing quality. Secondly, you have an 8MP rear camera for snaps during the class and student project requirements accordingly.

The 10.2-inch retina display is one of the best displays that you will find out there in the market. It produces stunning visual capability, and the colors emitted from it are perfectly balanced.

The best part of having an IPAD is its integration with Apple Pencil. Using the Apple pencil with the IPAD lets you do all the teaching and simultaneously make notes on the device. Furthermore, being a teacher, the best thing you can also do with it is mark grades on it anytime, anywhere.

Lastly, you have the security assurance of the Fingerprint ID on the Apple IPAD. This way, you can rest assured that all your documents are safe at all times, and even the naughtiest of the kids won’t have access to your files if they wish to.

To conclude, I’ll make it simple for you all. The Apple IPAD is a luxury but worth it when searching for the best tablets for teachers in 2021.


  • Powerful
  • Apple Pencil integration is amazing
  • Works well with Smart Keyboards


  • A bit on the expensive side

#3. Lenovo Tab M8

It is not necessary that you to break the bank to get all the desired features that you expect from a great tablet for your classroom. In order to put less burden on your pocket and simultaneously equip a powerful and efficient device, you have the option of the Lenovo Tab M8.

Trust me when I say this, you won’t find better tablets in the market in the price range of just below $100 than the Lenovo Tab M8.

For starters, it has an 8-inch HD Crisp display that suffices most of your display needs, and the end-to-end screen makes it look larger than usual. The design has been worked upon very neatly by Lenovo in this case with the modern yet simplistic look it offers. Up to 95% full metal cover and 83% panel-to-body ratio make the Lenovo Tab M8 a durable option.

Power is not compromised on this device, with the Tab M8 boasting a fast and power-efficient Quad-Core 2.0Ghz to 2.5Ghz chip that handles all your tasks along with heavy multitasking capabilities.

On top of all this, Lenovo claims a 10-hour battery life via its 5000 mAh battery. Therefore, it should last an entire day of your classroom and yet have some juice left for your personal requisites.

Then comes the Dolby Atmos-supported surround speaker system that produces an immersive experience when it comes to project playbacks or listening to important learning videos and lectures in the class.

And lastly, for all those long hours you need to spend on the screen, Lenovo has built-in eye care protection technology in its devices that prevents your eyes from any sort of unnecessary strain post-class.

Therefore, to sum it up, it is safe to say that the Lenovo Tab M8 deserves to be on our list of best tablets for teachers in 2021 as it provides all the requirements that a teacher should consider before buying. “Plus, it is not so heavy on the pocket!”


  • Very reasonable price
  • Durable build
  • Dolby Atmos sound


  • Average performance
  • Average display
  • Average battery timings

#4. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Another well-known brand on our list is Samsung and its Galaxy Tab A series. For years now, Samsung has been dominating the mobile gadget industry and has extended its creativity and innovation in the tablet section.

For starters, the Galaxy Tab A portrays an amazing 10.1-inch FHD+ resolution screen with a minimal bezel design that is ideal for viewing and/or streaming content on the device. Coupled with the Dolby Atmos surround sound technology, the Tab A is an ideal device for your all-around entertainment purpose.

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Hence, be it displaying content on the screen for your students or playing an important lecture for them, the Galaxy Tab A will outperform its competitors in this department.

Fueled with Samsung’s own Exynos 7904A eight-core processing Chipset, the Galaxy Tab A is a good combination of fast and efficient performance. Not only does it aid in multitasking your classroom tasks, but it also delivers smooth and stunning graphics.

Android users would love the Galaxy Tab A by Samsung. The Android 9 Pie-powered operating system by Google on the device delivers great user-friendliness and a vast array of options.

The Lithium-ion powered battery lasts for up to 13 hours which is more than sufficient for your daily requirements.

Hence, all this packed up under the brand name of Samsung make it a worthy purchase for teachers in 2021.


  • Good Battery life
  • Powerful performance


  • Average Camera
  • No Pen usage is available

#5. Dragon Touch K10

Let us stray away a bit from the more prominent brands in the market. Allow me to introduce to you the Dragon Touch Tablet 2019 Edition.

Starting with the 10.1-inch IPS Full HD IPS Display, which produces decent enough colors in room conditions. The micro-HDMI interface available on the device allows you to share your screen with a larger TV or monitor to view content.

The next thing you would find positive about the Dragon Touch K10 tablet is its front and rear camera options. Both capture crisp photos and give a good view during video conferences. Furthermore, you have ample storage of 16GB for pictures and videos, which is expandable up to 128 GB. This way, you don’t have to worry about storing your data on your device, especially in classrooms where most of the work is cloud-based.

It comes with Android 8.1 Oreo upgradable to Android 9 Pie. With the decent chipset performance and the efficiency of the Android Operating system, you can expect a decent amount of battery timing that may last your entire day of class.

Concluding on this device, Dragon Touch K10, you have an efficient and decent-performing tablet for which you do have to break the bank at all, and it would go through all your modern-day classroom tasks with ease.


  • Very Budget Friendly
  • Decent Display quality


  • Poor Outdoor visibility
  • Average performance

#6. ASUS ZenPad 3S

Over time, ASUS has established itself as a good quality brand that is priced at a fairly reasonable range. So, for the teachers out there that are on a tight budget but obviously don’t want to compromise on the facilities they can get for their classroom, the ASUS ZenPad is a perfect option.

Talking about the comfort of holding it, the premium aluminum 9.7-inch tablet that weighs less than 1.25 pounds is a perfect example of the ideal equilibrium of slickness and strength.

The USP of this device is the 2K resolution display with a 178-degree viewing angle that produces ridiculously good visuals. Combined with the narrow bezel technology, the display on the ASUS ZenPad is one of the best out there in the market.

Powered by Dual Core plus Quad-Core 64-bit processors, performance on this device is not going to be an issue in your digital classroom, and most of your assignments would easily be handled by it. With an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera, videography on this tablet is such a pleasant experience and would do wonders for your classroom while video conferencing.

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The other aspects of the tablet, including stereo speakers, 64Gb expandable storage, 5,900mah of high-performing battery, and support of Quick Charge 3.0, are powerful enough aspects that make the ZenPad 3S a worthy candidate on our list of best tablets for teachers in 2021.


  • Amazing 2K resolution screen
  • Good battery life and quick charge 3.0 support


  • Average performance

#7. Fusion5 FWIN232 Plus

Fusion5 has been one of the largest independent tablet PC sellers in the world since 2010. With a customer base of more than a million, it is safe to say that Fusion5 has made something out of itself to make its way to our list of best tablets for teachers.

The Unique Selling Point of this device is its Ultra Slim and Ultra Stylish outlook. A Windows 10 S tablet with a 10-inch IPS display is perfect for your digitalized classroom setup.

With its Intel Quad-core processors, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of minimum storage space, you can rest assured that the Fusion5 FWIN 232 will efficiently carry out your daily tasks with ease, whether you need to organize your student data or grade them.

It may have a slightly less impressive battery life than the other competitors on this list, but it is enough for you to move easily between classes without recharging after each session.

With the overall build quality, good camera setup, and full-year warranty available, the Fusion5 FWIN 232 Plus is a worthy addition to our list.


  • Stylish Outlook
  • Powerful performance


  • Decent Battery
    Decent camera performance


Now that we are here at the end of this article, let me recall a few things for you that may aid in making “THE FINAL DECISION.”

The need for having tablets in this modern era of digitalized classroom setup was identified. Not only does the usage of tablets make them a portable option, but the assortment of all student and courses related data can be done digitally without going through the hassle of paperwork.

Then, based on the identified requirements, the list above has the 7 best tablets for teachers in 2021 according to me. However, it all comes down to the priority you set while making the decision. To have the best available device in town, the Apple IPAD is a no-brainer only if affordability is not an issue for you.

But if you are on a budget and are willing to let go of the brand recognition phenomena, then brands like ASUS, Lenovo, and Fusion5 have decent devices available on the market and are even in a very good price range.

In the end, your preference is what matters the most. Happy Purchasing!!

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