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Xfer Serum is one of the powerful and amazing Audio Mixing and Editing tools. Creating professional audio and music is easier than ever with Xfer Serum. Not only does it sound pristine, but it also has a creative interface that is intuitive and user-friendly. It includes a wavetable editor with which you can create and save your own wavetables; there are no limitations.

Overview of Xfer Serum

Xfer Serum is the most recent deal of Xfer Records, the company which is popular for its creation and launch of different DAWs. Xfer Records has also launched all the best VST plugins that possibly could be used in recording studios. And now it has launched a new instrument for synthesizer lovers called Xfer Serum.

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Xfer serum is a wavetable synthesizer that assists you to make huge-quality sound effects in one go. This was made by using some special techniques like sine wave oscillators, 4-pole multi-rate filters, etc., along with 100% customizable modulation routings & a wide variety of macro controls that can create unique evolving and rich sonic textures and sounds. The interface is very user-friendly because the elements have been kept simple.

main dashboard of xfer serum download

The brand new sound of future bass, trap, techno, and dubstep can be created by using Xfer Serum. The interface is very simple to use; it has a minimalistic look which makes it even easier to use for beginners who are going to start their musical career with this software. It can also be used as a plugin in numerous DAWs like Logic Pro X, and Ableton Live, etc. You just need to download them first before you choose your own synthesizer machine! 🙂

GSi – Vowel Oscillator adds a new dimension to your sounds by unleashing the hidden power of vowels. This amazing tool allows you to set up multiple vowel configurations and then morph between them within the audio range of your sound. You can even hook it up to an LFO for frequency sweeps or to an envelope! Use this feature with any Synthesis Engine, even Sampler is supported!

Impact oscillator

The Impact is a powerful drum synthesis engine, packed into just three multi-functional modules – Kick Drum, Snare, and Clap/Stick. This gives you amazing flexibility to create your own unique Drum Kits.

Aggro Dubstep oscillator

Aggro Dubstep is a wide 4-oscillator hybrid wavetable synth with three distinct sound modes: Classic, Dubstep and Hybrid. The aim of this ambitious plug-in is to inspire you when creating new sounds, adding motion or just using it as an effect in the mix. A ton of presets will get you started but for ultimate control over each oscillator mode, head on over to the Modulation Wheel section where you can set up tons of parameters step by step for experimenting with customized presets!

editing and mixing the audio file

Live Recording

This feature allows you to record your tweaking on the fly! Just turn this on and tweak away, and watch the pattern update itself while you’re at it! (Including Undo/Redo support!). You can even record multiple sequences in one go by setting up different rows for each sequence. Or try recording while holding down the control for continuous recording.

Performance Mode

This mode allows you to play a sequence even when Live Recording is switched OFF, i.e. without the need for additional tweaking or manual pattern updates! The best part is that it offers a ‘Random’ mode which plays a different row on every key press! You just cannot beat this feature if you’re into live performances!

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Advanced Modulation System

It contains an advanced modulation system consisting of LFOs and Envelopes along with several Macro Controls. From these parameters, in conjunction with our powerful Matrix GUI interface, you can draw complex modulations from scratch with ease, allowing your sounds to come alive like never before. Watch the video tutorial on this page for a greater understanding.

4 Voice Unison

Similar to most virtual synthesizers, it allows you to stack up the sounds in your layers up to four voices deep! This can add a lot of depth and fatness to your sounds, depending on how you tweak the settings.

The Stack feature allows you to control multiple layers simultaneously using only one knob or fader! For example, if you have two different sounds stacked on four voices and want to control both of them with a single slider instead of twiddling with four

Analog modeled synthesizer

Analog-modeled synthesizer with a ton of features and presets designed for today’s EDM scene. The unique oscillator shapes provide an instantly recognizable sound with the punchy character that is essential in modern bass music production. From deep subs to screaming leads, from soft arps to organic pads.

Powerful oscillator section

A fast, clean, and easy-to-use synthesizer with an analog-modeled character. Featuring a multimode filter that can be modulated in 7 different ways.

The four wide-range LFOs offer simple but highly tweakable modulation options for its five destinations. The XFER SERUM synth is a perfect choice for those who want quality sound without the complexity of typical analog-modeled software instruments. Xfer Records Serum features everything you need from a powerful Wavetable Synthesizer!

Performance-oriented interface

Unlike many other plugins, Serum was designed first and foremost as a tool for live performance. Each screen has its own horizontally scrollable control surface, and a single screen is sufficient to create a powerful musical performance.

Distinctive interface elements allow you to find your way through the maze of features in Serum quickly. Moving and scaling buttons are provided for each module’s display, and give you the ability to customize the layout according to your preferences or needs.

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High-Quality Sound

We spent over 2 years making sure this synth sounds as good as it possibly can Standalone: 32-bit floating point internal processing allows for high-quality sound with no (or very little) external sidechain pumping common to most DAWs Plugin VST Hosts: Native 64-bit plugin format provides maximum compatibility today and into the future!

Xfer Records

Xfer Records is a cutting-edge audio software company delivering unique and groundbreaking tools for musicians composers producers DJs. Founded in 2005, Xfer Records quickly established itself as the industry leader in innovative plugin design with products like Serum, CamelPhat, and Podolski—and that’s just scratching the surface of their award-winning product lineup.

Improved CPU performance on all platforms by optimizing code throughout the program and adding SSE4-optimized versions of several routines – Added Mute/Solo functionality to MIDI.

Impressive Wavetable Synthesizer:

Xfer Serum makes your music away from any barriers of genre. It helps create some awesome wavetable sounds which are capable of turning your sound into a new modern industry standard. It is still in its latest version, but it has got some mind-boggling sonic capabilities that you should explore today.

The developers have done an excellent job in coming up with this stunning plugin which gives you the ability to compose and record amazing-looking musical compositions within minutes. You can even turn your recording into a standalone song by incorporating it into another DAW as well.

If you are looking for an impressive-sounding wavetable synthesizer then definitely go for Xfer Serum. In order to unlock its full potential, make use of this version which allows you to try various sound presets.

Xfer Serum has three oscillators for creating a wide spectrum of sounds. The variety included is vast and it’s going to be pretty easy for you to customize the desired wavetable.

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Two Oscillator Waveform

The interface consists of two Oscillator Waveform displaying sections and an additional Filter section that includes a custom DSP filter as well. Xfer Serum comes with an excellent set of parameters providing in-depth control over your musical instruments. It is better than many other synthesizer plugins out there on the web today, which are being used by professionals from all over the world. This software gives you full control over its powerful tools and synths which enables you to create awesome effects.

Amazing New Features in Xfer Serum

  • Xfer Serum Free Download is a professional digital audio workstation.
  • It offers different and improved features compared to its competitors.
  • Users have rated it 5 stars because of its various functionalities and effective use.
  • A deeper user experience is created with this feature.
  • It helps the operator concentrate on specific effects in customizing the sounds they want to produce.
  • This option allows the users to save time by applying different customized presets very quickly.
  • The best thing about this feature is that it can be changed without having any effect on the original preset file settings.

System Requirements for Xfer Serum Free Download

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or Core i3.
  • Memory (RAM): 1GB of RAM is required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 5 GB of free space required

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