Picasa 3 Free Download [Updated 2023]

Picasa 3 is an image editing tool and photo organizing software developed by Google Inc. Picasa comes with a desktop application, a web application, and mobile applications for devices running Android or iOS. The program was first released as a beta version on the 9th of September 2002 at the San Fransico Web Developers Conference.

Complete Overview of Picasa 3 Version

It is a free tool from Google, which will be the only application to be used for picture viewing, editing, and organizing. It comes with two new attractive features such as automatic photo downloading (so that your PC starts copying images directly from online pictures), and auto-tagging capabilities (to add descriptions/tags automatically on each photo).

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From now onwards you can share your photos on social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook with no need to save them on those sites. The Google Labs feature allows you to view other users’ tags, their workspace etc. You can even edit elements in other people’s workspaces and then add them back into their pictures. Picasa also has an interesting Time Travel feature that allows you to see what was uploaded on the site over a particular period of time. Picasa also provides many other features which are as follows:

· Protection against virus attacks.

· Automatic photo labeling.

· Time Travel Viewer. (Viewing Picasa’s recent uploads)

· Auto-organizing images according to importance (to stars).

There is one more feature called, online backup; once activated it automatically uploads all your photos on Picasa Web Albums and keeps them stored safely in case of any disaster occurs while copying pictures from a camera or hard drive, etc. This new tool has got full marks for its nice interface, simple design, and user-friendly features.

editing the pic of a dog

View images instantly

Picasa 3 offers a quick and beautiful view of your images as you select them. Tap an image in the collection view to see it full size, with details about the photo on the right.

It now automatically adds location data to your photos: When you use it for mobile to upload photos from an Android phone, Picasa will automatically add geolocation information to each photo. You can always remove a photo’s location information if you don’t want it there!

Send just the best shots: In this version for desktop, we’ve added Suggested Edits – suggested ways to improve your photos that include things like crop or rotating (but not red eye corrections). For many adjustments, these are reversible too – so if you don’t like what Picasa suggested, undo the change!

change the look of your photo

Easily find images from your phone on your PC: You can now see all of your photos that were synced to Picasa Web Albums from a phone or other device. We’ve added three new views in Picasa 3 for desktop so you can easily browse by date, location, or album.

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Organize your Photos

It is the ultimate photo organizer, a freeware from Google that organizes and makes your photos more accessible. It automatically detects faces in images, gives tags to them, and groups together similar people.

Key Features

1. Updated Picasa Sync application for both desktop & mobile users to make sharing image albums with friends & family easier than ever before.

2. The Picasa Web Albums allows you to store up to 1GB free online where anyone can view it anytime they wish, upload unlimited pictures from a single computer or any of their devices with just one click along with many other features like publicizing an album, etc.

3. A new Auto-Enhance tool that makes photos uniformly better by improving focus which works in all new photos and old ones.

4. It brings a completely revamped user interface that is easy to use & navigate through with the addition of new Control Panels to view your images & change their brightness, contrast, etc.

5. Create collages out of any number of photos in any shape or size using the Collage Wizard option

6. There are 8 themes that let you quickly make a collage, suitable for blogs, prints, etc.

7. A set of over 30 animated transitions that can turn your images into fun clips.

8. Ability to add text annotations anywhere on an image and comes with 20 fonts from which you can choose.

9. Add effects like vintage, lighting, and shading to the photo.

Enables you to Resize and Crop

Image Resizer allows resizing and cropping images. The software provides you with the tools required for quick resizing of photos.

You will be able to Resize images into various resolutions of your choice. You can save in different resolutions from one source image. The software provides you with flexible settings for resizing images based on pixel count or file size. With the Crop option, Picasa 3 helps crop and resize the images properly. It allows users to crop and resize photos without losing any quality of the pictures at all.

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To improve productivity, there are some pre-selected templates available with cropping options that can be used by the program users. For example: If you are sending a picture as a message attachment through email, you can use ’email templates’ to have predefined cropping options already set up for you via this software.

You can drag a photo into the box or select it using the “Open” button on the top left side – then simply choose any of your favorite presets that best suits your requirements. Also, you can use the Crop function for having control over a particular portion of an image

The new version also comes with some improvements to editing functions: It is now easier to cut out people from group shots by clicking the “cut out” icon to create a selection around them and then moving it freely. You can also delete this selection if you want to redo it. It comes up with quicker ways to remove red eyes from photos, and you can now straighten the horizon in your shots much faster.

Impressive Editing Functions

Just like its name, It is a free photo editor. With the help of this program, you can edit your photos according to your needs and desires. It contains an impressive feature known as Auto Fix which automatically improves your photos for best output quality. There are other effects that have been built-in in this software.

Image Orientation Correction

This characteristic corrects the orientation of an image after it gets rotated by mistake while uploading on the internet or any cloud storage device such as Google Drive. If you do not want to manually fix each image one by one then use this feature that saves time and energy both at once!

Fun Stuff

The fun stuff included in it include new collages (which were not there before), new animations, new soundtracks, and even comics! Though it is free of cost, it doesn’t mean that it lacks any typical editing features. It has got all the usual must-have editing tools such as crop, rotate, color adjustment and brightness/ contrast, etc.

Won’t Be Obsolete

One of the biggest downfalls in using free photo editors on your device is that they become obsolete soon enough like a bad apple. This happens because once you click on an advertisement link or download some other software from the net which contains malware into your computer without your knowledge then your PC becomes infected with so many viruses and spyware programs that it creates problems for most of the commonly used software installed on your system. It also faces the same problem.

You need to be very careful with the links that are present on web pages while using it. If you accidentally click on any of those ads you get redirected to some other undesired site then there is a big chance that Picasa will cease working at once and hence it would seem like an obsolete software program.


Apart from all these negatives, It has its own set of positives also. Its user-friendly interface makes it really easy even for beginners in editing photos!

New Features in Picasa 3.0 Free

  • One of the most prominent features to hit it.
  • It is a simpler user interface.
  • The new and easier-to-use design takes away a lot of hassle while making important tasks more accessible.
  • The File menu has been merged with Organize, the Editing menu has been simplified by removing some settings (such as Auto Enhance) which can now be done from Picasa’s Edit menu.
  • The Viewer mode has also been merged in the Organize section.
  • It creates professional-looking slideshows complete with background music, transition effects, and synchronized thumbnail navigation!
  • It even publishes online galleries for public viewing or embeds your slideshow into Blogger or WordPress.

System Requirements for Picasa 3.0 Free Download

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or Core i3.
  • Memory (RAM): 1GB of RAM is required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 5 GB of free space required

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Download Picasa 3.0 For Free

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