Adobe After Effects CC 2020 Free Download [December 2023]

Adobe After Effects CC 2020 is a special 3D Graphics editing software, which comes up with new features to make super awesome graphics effects. You can create transitions of titles, intros, and movie effects with the use of this software. The Standalone Setup of Adobe After Effects CC 2020 edition is available for 32 Bit as well 64 Bit systems.

Animate a logo or character with the use character animator tool. With Adobe After Effects CC 2020, the industry-standard motion graphics and visual effects software, you can take any idea and make it move. Let’s move forward and find what special features are available in this software.

Overview of Adobe After Effects CC 2020

With Special new features, you can remove objects from the video, edit any kind of video and add special graphics effects to make it look unique and special. When you have a cinema 4d layer with 3d information in it and this is pretty easy you just apply it and directly what you get is depth net such as in Adobe After Effects CC 2017 Download.

So you can define the black point which is of course the distance in C space as well as the white point of course. You can invert it and this comes in really really super handy as a luma matte for depth compositing so a really powerful tool here. And be aware you can also have animations inside of that composition with a moving camera and stuff like that so this is nothing you could easily do with masking out stuff or using separate layers as masks.

This is really powerful and last but not least we have our 3d fog effect which is also a great tool for adding depth or an XL value to your animation and it works in the same way as the other effects.

masking the face

You see that our front gets a little bit of the fog the middle is almost covered in fog. And you can hardly see the back here so this is really great also for all sorts of revealing effects really powerful and hey just leave me a comment and just tell me what’s your favorite new effect in After Effects.

Which of the effects do you think you want to use more often and which of the effects don’t think you use at all? I’m also going to do a more in-depth tutorial on all of those effects and also on all the other changes that are now inside of Adobe After Effects CC 2020. So let’s just jump to the next one which is the responsive design time.

Make awesome animation with Special Features

Let’s say you have more animation going on in the middle that you want to tweak. You don’t want it to wreak all of this so you can now lock a specific time span and this gets very useful. If you, later on, create some essential critics to maybe use in Premiere Pro and this is originally where that locking function was created for.

But it comes in really handy to lock down specific animations and this is how you do it. Let’s say we want to have a second one to two we want to have this one locked so let’s just set the work area to where you could have the beginning when you hit B. And the end for hitting N and now you just right-click on it and besides the three properties.

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You were always able to choose you now have to create a protected region from the work area there you have it let’s maybe do the same for the four-second to the end. There’s another way to do that you could create a new mark by the way in previous versions you always had to drag and drop it out here now you can just go to a specific time and click on the mark.

There you have it so I have it here and can double click on it and now I can choose that I want to make this mark a protected region and hit OK and then I can just adjust the length of it really really great so how does this work now let’s just take this responsive design time and put it into a new composition. I want to extend it because I maybe want to have 20 seconds of animation.

Now you see that my composition has some blue overlay and this is the timing that is not changed. When I’m changing the duration of the layer. For example, I want to enable time remapping. And now I can just drag and drop the end of it and you see the whole layer gets longer. But in those areas, the animation still takes two seconds and the end is two-sentence whoa really great. There are also presets for that if you want to go to responsive design time you can create an intro that automatically locks the first 15 seconds of your animation

Remapping Feature

Remapping here’s a small feature that’s also new within Adobe After Effects CC 2020. Let me just bring out the trek clip that I have created you see it’s about 27 seconds long. So let’s make this like 40 seconds in order to time-stretch this you normally would have to go to time and type in a number or you can able time remapping and have to set keyframes and so on and so on.

But now comes the cool part you just click on the layer and drag and drop the end but you have to hold down the alt button and now you can just find wicked on the frame you want to have it. So something that really comes in handy once again is this is something many many After Effects users wanted for such a long time.

editing a video

Now it’s finally here and this is absolutely awesome but before I blackout here. Let’s go to the next feature and this is also the last one that I want to show you today as a kickoff for Adobe After Effects CC 2020. This is the new puppet tool for the old puppet tool which is still in there we had the position pins and you could just move those around and this is great.

But let’s delete that because we have some new puppet tool features which were implemented because of the new Adobe character animator which is really great and tried it out it works super cool and therefore they had to design new bending warping and puppet tool features.

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They are now all inside the new advanced puppet tool though. Let’s correctly go to the puppet advanced pen tool and I’ll do the same I’ll click on her hips on her knees on her feet and maybe on the area that needs to shake. Now I have the same as before I have a point in the middle that I can move.

But I also have a circle and it has a small square and the square is for the scaling. So I can do stuff like scaling but the really cool thing about this is that I can now rotate all of that and now I can make up for really really organic human-like motions so really really powerful and you also have the puppet bent pen tool which is new which is almost the same you don’t have the ability to move it.

Special New Features in Adobe After Effects CC 2020

Some of the special features of Adobe After Effects CC 2020 are as follows;

  • Remapping of time.
  • Tracking of clips is enhanced.
  • Special new effects and animations.
  • Advanced puppet tools for mesh sculpting.
  • Advanced Pen tool.
  • Create overlay effects.
  • Support many languages and file formats.
  • Remove objects from video clips fast and easily

System Requirements For Adobe After Effects CC 2020

Below are some of the recommended settings and requirements listed before you start Adobe After Effects CC 2020 Version free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Hard Disk Space: 7 GB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or Core i5
  • Memory (RAM): 4GB of RAM is required.

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