Adobe After Effects CC 2017 Free Download [Updated 2023]

Adobe After Effects CC 2017 Offline is a powerful tool through which you can create visual effects and motions in characters. Awesome new features make you enable to add 3D motion effects to static characters which you have made in adobe illustrator or Photoshop. The Standalone Adobe After Effects 2017 Setup download is fully compatible with 32 Bit as well 64 Bit System Architectures.

Create awesome 3D Graphics and motion effects with new templates and the Adobe character animator tool available in it. It will let you add different images to your project and then you can also apply several different effects to your images. Let’s move forward and explore some amazing features that the software contains.

Overview of Adobe After Effects CC 2017 Offline Edition

With enormous new features available, it will let you make 3D Graphics and motion effects for your next project. If you have created a static character in Photoshop or Illustrator you can now make motion or life effects to the specific character. To apply effect, again, there are a couple of ways to do that. You can go up here in the Effects tab, and you see that you have all of these categories of effects like in Adobe After Effects CC 2015 Download.

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Personally, I pretty much never use this, ’cause there’s a much easier way to find the effect that you’re looking for. If we select a layer and we look up the effect that we want, you can simply, with the layer selected, double click it, and it will apply that effect to the layer you’ve selected. All right, so my time to torture you guys is almost up.

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Features like keyframe management are special because you can manage almost all the video clips. So this is a way of dropping the effects into your Composition panel, but to be more precise, you can actually go into your Timeline panel and drop it onto the layer that you want. So nothing has changed yet, and that’s because our blur radius is set to zero.

This is just a specific example. I’m not gonna go too much into every single effect because there are over 200 of ’em already built into After Effects. And notice we have those stopwatches over here so we can animate all of these properties.

New WorkSpace

I have my workspace on standard or default. So either click on one of those and then you should have a layout very similar to this which is over here. We have our project panel. Now the project panel is where you’ll have your video clips your images logos all that kind of stuff will be over here like in Adobe After Effects CS6.

In the middle, we have our composition so this is where it’s going to show you your video file. The file that you’re going to be doing all your compositing with and then down here is your timeline. So you’ll be able to see all of your clips as layers and you can composite with those and see them on the timeline.

editing face of a character

Then we’ll get into all these other panels and stuff in a second. So the first thing you’ll probably want to know is how to import footage into After Effects the easiest way is double clicking inside of here you can also right-click. Go to import and import your files that way and then the way I like to import files because I’m using a Mac computer is by dropping drag-and-drop.

Take a couple of these files and just kind of drop them right into my project panel. These are all just stock footage elements that you guys can get off of where we sell a bunch of aerial and video stock footage. So I’ve got my Clips right here okay and as you can see as I’m clicking on them you can see what aspect ratio.

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Create a Composition Easily

So the easiest way of creating a composition is by going to composition and clicking on a new composition. Ctrl n is the keyboard shortcut. So for that, you’re going to plug in all the information you need for what type of composition. The composition you’re going to make including the duration of how long you want your composition to be.

So you can set any time duration for example it would be 10 seconds and 18 frames like in Adobe After Effects CC 2014. The frame rate of that composition 23.976 is essentially 24 frames. Second, if you’ve heard people say that it’s the closest to film look that you can get the composition within heights of 1920 by 1080 which is HD.

If you are creating something for Instagram outgo 1080 by 1080 or even 13 or it’ll be 1080 and then a height of 1350. Instagram also accepts this aspect ratio and then you could name your composition. So Instagram comp and then you press ok and then now you have a timeline. Where you can drag and drop footage into so I’m going to just delete this right now just right-click and or click on this trash can right here to delete it

The other way you can create a composition in After Effects CC 2017 is by dragging one of your clips into this new composition button right here and it’ll automatically create a composition based on the clip’s information. It’ll show you exactly what it did 1920 by 1080 that’s the same as this clip. The frame weight of 29.97 same as the clip. So that’s a fast way of creating a composition exactly to the size of your clip which is most of the time what you want to do so now we have our clip inside of our timeline.

We can rename this just by clicking on it pressing return on your keyboard and then rename it Dallas skyline and then pressing ENTER again. Then you could scrub by using the playhead clicking and dragging and looking through your clip and seeing that in your composition so this is your timeline. You could see that right here 2 seconds 4 seconds 6 seconds and scrubbing around is as easy as that.

So now compositing is adding multiple clips or layers on top of each other and playing around with them. Editing them animating them is a big part of After Effects. So let’s add another clip on top of this there are a few ways of doing that you can take a clip and drag it right into your composition panel. Drag it wherever you want okay and then you can move it.

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Some Amazing Features in Adobe After Effects CC 2017

  • New Interface and Environment.
  • You can also add text strings, lights, and solid colors.
  • Easily create awesome graphics effects.
  • 3D Motions and rendering are supported.
  • You can also add motion to your graphics.
  • Also got a huge installer which will take some time to install.
  • Several new templates.
  • Special new features of rendering.
  • Keyframe management is enhanced.
  • Multiple file formats support.
  • Support multiple languages.

System Requirements For Adobe After Effects CC 2017

Below are some of the recommended settings and requirements listed before you start Adobe After Effects CC 2017 Version free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Hard Disk Space: 7 GB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or Core i5
  • Memory (RAM): 4GB of RAM is required.

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Download Adobe After Effects CC 2017 For Free

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