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Matlab R2014a is a high-Level Language Software mostly used by Engineers and Scientists. The latest version has more features than its previous versions it includes Parallel Computing Toolbox and System Modeler with a new graphical user interface that provides improved navigation, data display, and model management toolsets. The Standalone Version of Matlab 2014a 32 Bit and 64 Bit is available for free.

There are also many enhancements to the core MATLAB environment: enhanced plotting capabilities including interactive contour plots; new functions such as `find’, `modfun’ and iterative solvers in the Optimization toolbox like “lsqnonlin” which enables solving nonlinear problems using linear programming techniques by finding optimal solutions that minimize the efforts.

Complete Overview of Matlab R2014a

Matlab R2014a is commercial software and you have to buy it if you want to use the latest version of this tool. You can download the Free Trial Version of Matlab R2014a which will give all features for 30 days trial period after installation. Matlab is development software for analyzing and designing algorithms. Matlab is a programming language used for developing algorithms, analyzing and visualizing data.

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Matlab is a software package that has many features like Linear Algebraic equations that can be solved easily through numerical solvers; it also provides tools to analyze different kinds of data sets such as images, sound waves, etc. It offers an interactive environment that allows users to visualize their data in various formats including lines graphs bar charts.

Matlab R2014a

Matrix Multiplication and Division

Matrix Multiplication and division are of hectic jobs, but it’s easy in Matlab. This can be done by using the following two functions:

– matmul() function is used for multiplying two matrices of the same size and type. It has a syntax as follows: m = matmul(A, B) where A and B are the matrices to multiply. The output will be stored in M which could also represent another matrix with dimensions (n_rows*cols).

– Division is performed between two input arrays or vectors using div(). The syntax for this command would be D=div(X, Y) where X and Y are either an array or vector that needs to divide.”

Division of Matrices is now easily performed, and you no longer need to use the divide() function. Several new functions of divisions and multiplications of matrices are listed below:


The syntax for this function is m=matmul(A, B) where A and B are the matrix to be multiplied. The output will now be stored in M which could also represent another matrix with dimensions (n_rows*cols). This can only handle up to two input arrays or vectors.

mulMatsq() function:

Syntax of this command would be mm = mulMatsq(A_inp, B_inp), where it handles any number of inputs with the same size as well as a different type.”

test annotation in matlab

Local Functions

Local Functions are used in Matlab, and they are stored in the local workspace. These functions can be called by their name followed by arguments enclosed within parentheses as we would with a regular function call

The Commands for creating and Running Local Functions are:

– fn = function(arguments);

– fn(); //call the function; this displays its output on screen.

This syntax will create an anonymous (no name) one-line long Matlab Function that outputs “Hello World!”. This could then be referenced by other commands.”.

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Nested Functions

Nested Functions in Matlab mean that one function is inside another. Nested functions can be called with the command:

– fnname(arguments);

Nested Functions are useful when you want to do something like make a list of input values for an inner function that needs them and then use those inputs in multiple places.”

Private Functions

Private Functions in Matlab can be used to create and use functions that are not accessible to the outside world. Private Functions can be called with a ‘privatename’ command:

– privateg(arguments);

Private Functions can also only be used within other Matlab Functions, rather than in any part of Matlab code.”

function findme: This function can be used in the Matlab command window to return a list of all the functions that have been created.

– findme;

Private Functions are useful when you want to use your private function in an inner Matlab Function, but not anywhere else.”

function anotherprivatefun: this is just one example of how Private Functions can be used and called to execute the function.

List of Some Basic Commands Used in Matlab R2014a Version

Below is the list of some basic commands used in Matlab R2014a Version.

  • help;
  • help findme;
  • findfun(“function name”);
  • listfuns();

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Graphics Support

Graphics support in Matlab is super awesome, with the help of graphics in Matlab one can easily create infographics.

Some features include:

  • Plotting;
  • Scatterplot;
  • Curve Fitting and many more.

Graphics is a very helpful tool for Data Analysis which includes Linear Regression, Fourier Transforms, Filtering, etc., Matlab R2014a also has some advanced options such as Media Workspace to develop movies or animations.

R2013b introduced seamless integration with MATLAB Coder IDE that enables programmers to generate code from their Matlab functions without having to save files manually while still retaining access to all debugging features like stepping through the code line by line, inspecting variables at runtime, etc.; but it does not support specific languages.

Curve Fitting

Curve Fitting in Matlab means fitting a curve to data points. Matlab has some advanced options such as Media Workspace for developing movies or animations, which includes Linear Regression, Fourier Transforms, etc.

Matlab is used in many diverse fields and industries like Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture & Construction Management Modeling, etc.

How to Search and Find MATLAB Functions

– The Matlab Function List covers all the functions of MATLAB that are available with examples and descriptions about how these functions can be implemented;

– All you need to do is enter your search term into the text box below and click on the “Search” button. You will get an output instantly containing results from Mathworks official website including tutorials videos images pdf files etc.;

New Amazing Updates in MATLAB R2014a

Several new Updates are part of the software which include,

  • Single file installation for Windows and Linux 64-bit.
  • New Functions in Math, Statistics, and Image Processing Toolboxes.
  • Fully qualified names for all MEX files used by the compiler to generate C++ code associated with a particular function or method call within Matlab R2014a Free Download Latest Version
  • Visualization of data points on a map using Google Maps API v.s., Open Street Map

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System Requirements for Matlab R2014a

Below are the system requirements for Matlab R2014a Version:

  • RAM: 2GB
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows (32 or 64-bit)
  • Hard Disk Space: 800 MB of free hard disk space for installation
  • CPU Speed: Intel Pentium III, AMD Athlon processor with 900 Mhz and above.
  • Note: ( The CPU speed is best measured in MHz. It can vary depending upon the tasks being performed by Matlab R2014a Latest Version is Free to Download on your PC. So, be careful while calculating if you are using a laptop or notebook to work with Matlab r2014a software then RAM needs to have at least 1024MB which will make it easy to compute large data sets without any lag issues; )
  • Graphics card: At Least 128MB VRAM, Frame Buffer Size 256KB

How to Install Matlab 2014 Version for free

In this section of the article, you will learn how to install Matlab R2014a Development software on your computer.

1. Select the folder from which you want to install (i.e., C:, D: etc.) for installation of these new files and programs, then click the Next button at the bottom right corner as shown in Figure 1

2. Click the “I accept terms” checkbox to agree with a License Agreement, and click the Next button again

3. On Agree To Terms window, please press “Next” at the bottom right corner of the screen again and select installation location.

4. If everything goes smoothly till now, a final window named Finish Installation should appear.

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