Matlab 2011a Download [Updated 2023]

Matlab 2011a is developed by Mathworks. Matlab 2011a 7.12 is a software application for the solution of large, complex engineering problems. You can use it to design and analyze some types of nonlinear phenomena found in nature or industry. The newest features of Matlab 2011a Free Download include a new Control System Toolbox for mathematics-based systems and Image Processing Toolbox which includes tools to scan, project, and reconstruct 3D images into textured surfaces.

Overview of Matlab 2011a Download

With this, you can process all kinds of matrices. You can work with matrices using matrix-free methods such as the conjugate gradient algorithm. It also includes a lot of optimization tools, including linear and quadratic programs; nonlinear programming approaches (including interior point methods); genetic algorithms, and simulated annealing via CRPACK.

Matlab 2012a Free Download [Updated]

Matlab is developed by Mathworks. With Matlab, you are able to process many different kinds of matrices. You can use matrix-free methods like the conjugate gradient algorithm in your calculations when working with matrices too! This program has plenty of new functions.

Improved graphics tools

The drag-and-drop features make the tasks easier for you. You can now rotate the plot and create all kinds of graphs. Now you can export to a variety of formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP. The ability to resize images with one click enhances your productivity in designing charts for presentations or reports.

Including interactive creation of color maps, live design of curve fitting models, and high-quality line drawings produced from contours and surfaces. Design objects and models with few clicks. The WYSIWYG interface will make your work easier and faster. You can now create interactive presentations with no programming knowledge required by using the Matlab Presentation Toolbox.

Matlab Presentation ToolBox

The Matlab Presentation toolbox is a set of tools that simplifies the creation and presentation of Matlab displays. It helps to generate presentations with interactive figures, slides, and plots without the programming knowledge necessary.


  • Interactive figure window in which you can create all kinds of graphs (line charts, bar charts…) using just a few clicks
  • Slides editor for formatting text; creating headings and inserting pictures into your presentation
  • Multimedia viewers for displaying generated animations or video files as part of your slide show.

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New User Interface

It contains a new user interface that is more intuitive and user-friendly. The new interface includes a tabbed toolbar that can be easily customized, which replaces the old menu bar. It also has an easier-to-use File Navigator window for managing files in your Matlab projects.

Installation process of matlab 2011a

A streamlined user interface with improved usability enhances productivity with keyboard shortcuts. All these Keyboard shortcuts can be used with any of the supported languages. Now you need to type the shortcuts to execute functions. The commonly used functions in Matlab are:

  • To plot a graph, type “plot”
  • For help on the command ‘plot’, type “help(commandname)” where commandname is ‘plot’

More shortcuts

To quit Matlab from any window press Control+x or Command+q

Escape the key to exit Matlab and save changes. Pressing escape will bring up an Exit menu for exiting matlab without saving changes (only if there are no other open files) in that particular window. This saves time when you need to go back and change your work later. Upon pressing Escape, it asks whether or not you want to Quit MATLAB? with Yes highlighted by default. Clicking yes closes all windows of MATLAB immediately.

File Navigator

The latest version has a new File Navigator window that makes managing files easier and faster, with a tabbed toolbar for quickly opening or switching among open projects in Matlab.

You can open the files in a file navigator tab by selecting the File -> Open Project menu item or by dragging a file from any other window into it. You can now drag and drop files between tabs in the File Navigator, as well as drag them to open another project that is not currently open.

The new Tabbed interface also gives you immediate access to your most recent projects when opening Matlab 2011a 7.12 free download for first-time use which helps save space on your desktop and makes switching among projects easier than ever before.

Mouse Wheel Scrolling Function

This is a great new feature to Matlab 2011a free download which allows you to navigate your projects by scrolling around in the File Navigator with the mouse wheel or arrow keys on the keyboard. The up and down arrows allow you to scroll through files while right-clicking anywhere in the file navigator will zoom in and display its content at a higher resolution for better viewing.

New features like mouse wheel scrolling to zoom into plots and images on the screen without using the scrollbars

Dockable Tool

Dockable tool windows allow you to put your most frequently used tools at your fingertips within one frame- great for those who are working with small screens. You can drag-and-drop dockable windows and rearrange them to suit your needs.

You are able to minimize, maximize or close the window by dragging it up from its title bar, or using the keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+Shift+W minimizes; Ctrl + Shift + F maximizes; Esc closes.

plot catalog features

Improved Controller

Now it has an improved controller to provide more efficient use of the program. In addition to this, it has an improved controller which provides for a better execution of the software. The new interface was made such that control is simpler and quicker than before and you can now enjoy using your keyboard shortcuts without interference from other parts of the screen.

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Support for high-resolution displays

Now Matlab 2011a 7.12 can be adapted automatically when started up according to monitor size so it is always displayed correctly and maximizes productivity over more space.

Generalized Data Exchange (GDX)

By Generalized Data Exchange means, you can now share information across different devices and platforms. It supports both import and export capabilities to help users share data between applications more easily than ever before.(link here).

Improved Data Import

The improved data import which is faster, more accurate, and less error-prone will prove to be a great relief for all Matlab users in the long run. A high-performance graphics engine has been added that makes it possible for Matlab 2010 Version to address complex scientific visualization problems with ease.

Now there are improvements made in this area of Matlab 2011aby adding better support for importing data from various sources like text files, databases, or spreadsheets into matrices as well as exporting them back again into Excel spreadsheet file format (.xls). It also supports a new column type called “composite” columns containing both numeric and character strings mixed together.

List of Updates for Matlab 7.12 2011a Version

  • New interface with improved control and keyboard shortcuts functionality.
  • New sound import functionality.
  • Improved OpenGL graphics capabilities and interactive rendering of graphs for presentations.
  • Many new functions in the Statistics toolbox, including linear regression fit with weighted least squares estimation as well as rank-based methods (Kruskal-Wallis test, Mann-Whitney U test).
  • Enhanced data exploration tools like Boxplots drawn around a fitted line to compare distributions or scatter plots with smoothers and trendlines.

System Requirements for Matlab 2011a

Below are the system requirements for this Version:

  • RAM: 2GB minimum
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Linux
  • Disk Drive: Minimum of 400MB free space on the hard disk drive
  • Processor (CPU): Intel Pentium Processor or later. For more information please contact Mathworks at +1877-668-2723
  • Graphics card: DirectX -compliant graphics adapter with 32 MB Memory and Video RAM
  • Hard disk space: 200MB
  • CPU speed: Intel Pentium IV or higher.
  • Graphic card with hardware transform and lighting support supported by OpenGL version >= v.11, preferably a DirectX-level graphics card (e.g., NVIDIA
  • Geforce FX series) but not required for most applications
  • Java Runtime Environment Version = JRE – Standard Edition Update 17+ Reference Platform (JRE V17), Java Development Kit Version = JDK V14+, Windows 2000/XP SP0+, Mac OSX Xvnc Server, Apple Safari Internet Browser version <= to version 20100109_1324 Review the following links before you download any software from the internet!= **link removed*.* For more information.

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