How To Charge Laptop In A Car (Ultimate Guide)

Today, many car owners have laptops. But when you think about charging your laptop with a car, it may seem complicated. However, if you can find the right device and cable for your laptop to charge it just like how they were originally designed this is not a problem.

There are also some adapters that can be plugged into the outlet of cars which comes with built-in circuitry so all that needs to happen is plug them into an outlet outside of the vehicle and they will start charging automatically.

Keep your travel plans in check to avoid any issues regarding charging.  Try not to forget anything while traveling including laptop charger, cables, and adapter as it may prove risky at times.

How to charge a laptop in your car

Use a power inverter

You can plug the inverter into an outlet outside of your car and start charging. This is a better option because it’s easier to look for power outlets that are compatible than trying to find one inside the vehicle or in another location. You may need a certified adapter as well, which means taking this route might exceed your budget.

How to charge laptop in a car

Mount the power inverter on your dashboard

This is a very convenient way to charge your laptop as you can just keep it under there, especially if you are tired since this area of the car looks like an opera box (since when will cars become something operatic?).

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Use a laptop charger

A laptop charger is a device that plugs into a wall outlet and provides power to a laptop computer. You will then need to connect that charger to your laptop.

There are many companies that produce this type of adapter so it is best if you research on the Internet and see which manufacturers have top-rated ones. These laptops tend not to use a lot of power unlike notebooks with graphics cards so even though it can cost you some money, a laptop charger is worth it.

Additionally, Laptops tend not to use a lot of power when in sleep mode so if you happen to be fumbling for your adapter, this could solve the problem.

Some laptops now come with USB ports that can charge simultaneously, which might make your work easier by eliminating the need for an extra charger and power supply.

Have a USB port on your laptop or computer Even if you intend to travel with your specific devices.

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Use a power bank

Use a power bank for charging your laptop in the car. This power bank can plug into the cigarette lighter in your car. The best thing about this option is that it uses rapid charging technology, which means there will be no need to search for an available outlet during a road trip.

Best of all – you have total control over how much electricity comes out of this. Although the maximum amount of electricity is 20 watts, it can be adjusted from 1 watts to 10 watts so you do not run out of charge quickly nor will your laptop be overheated or damaged in any way if use a power bank for charging in the car.

Besides being great for those who do not have or do not like to carry around a laptop charger, power banks also save you money as they can be charged when your car is charging overnight. Taking a power bank with you on vacation means that someone else buys their breakfast and dinner amenity at secluded outposts along the way because you have enough power to feed your devices and keep them charged.

Can I charge my laptop from the car outlet?

Most likely, you cannot. Most laptops require a power cord with a three-prong plug. The power that comes out of the car outlet is 12-volt and is not designed to be used for laptop charging. If a power adapter does come with your travel kit, it will probably have an automatic converter so you do not need special equipment in order to use it either.

Charge your laptop using an Inverter

A laptop can be charged by plugging it into an AC outlet. However, if you travel a lot or will be charging your laptop in the dark, an inverter is a convenient and safe way to power up your device.

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An inverter allows you to use your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket as a standard while providing 12 volts at roughly the same current used by wall outlets. This way, you do not need to take any extra gear since your laptop will power up automatically and as usual – through its charging adapter (while laptops themselves can still be charged out of their battery).

Will charging my laptop drain the car battery?

Charging your laptop can indeed drain the car battery. However, this is only true if the battery has a low charge left in it and is not yet fully charged. If you charge your laptop while the car is being driven, then you should not expect any problems with the car’s battery. The optimal way to charge your laptop is either in a parked car or connected to the 12V cigarette lighter socket. This will keep the batteries fully charged and therefore extend their lifespan over time.

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To summarise, most laptops can be charged by using an AC adapter. If you need to charge your laptop while the car is being driven, then the best option is to connect it directly to the 12V cigarette lighter socket. This will keep your batteries fully charged and therefore extend their lifespan over time.


Is there any difference between using a car charger and using a power inverter when charging your laptop in the car?

The power inverter is a device that converts the DC current from your car’s battery to the AC current, which your laptop can use.

A car charger uses the power of your car’s battery to charge your laptop and has a much shorter charging time than an inverter.

What is a power inverter and how does it work?

A power inverter is a device that converts DC power from an electrical outlet to AC power. It does this by using a transformer and converting the current to an alternating current.

There are many benefits of having a power inverter at home such as:

  • It helps save energy because it uses less electricity than running an electric appliance directly from the wall outlet.
  • It can be used in emergency situations when there is no other way to charge your devices or operate appliances.
  • It can also be used in camping and outdoor activities where you need more AC power than what you have available, but not enough for all your devices.

Which laptops can be charged with a power inverter?

Laptops can be charged with a power inverter, but it depends on the make and model of the laptop. Some laptops are designed to be charged via an AC adapter and some have USB ports for direct charging.

Some laptops can charge directly from a car’s cigarette lighter plug, which is plugged into the inverter, while others require the use of an AC adapter or USB port.

Do I need to buy an additional adapter for my laptop to be able to charge it with a power inverter?

Yes, you will need to buy an additional adapter for your laptop to be able to charge it with a power inverter.

You can find this in the accessories section of your laptop.

What are some of the best places to use a power inverter when charging your laptop in the car?

We can charge our laptops in the car by using a power inverter.

There are many places to use a power inverter when charging your laptop in the car. The most popular places are:

  1. In-car cigarette lighter plug
  2. Power outlet at home or office
  3. Storage units using a car battery to power appliances, smartphones, and tablets
  4. Use the vehicle’s alternator for charging your phone or power inverter.

Can you use other USB devices (e.g., flash drives) while charging your laptop in the car?

USB devices like flash drives can be used while your laptop is charging in the car. This means that you can plug in a flash drive and transfer files to it while your laptop is charging.

If you are wondering if other USB devices like hard drives or card readers, then no, they cannot be used while your laptop is charging in the car.

How do I charge my laptop in the car?

To charge your laptop in the car, you will need to use a portable USB charger or an AC adapter.

If you are using a portable USB charger, make sure that it is compatible with your laptop and your car’s cigarette lighter outlet. You can find out if it is compatible by checking its specifications on the packaging.

A good option for charging your laptop while driving would be to use an AC adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter outlet of your car and charges both the battery and laptop simultaneously.

Could you use your car to charge a laptop regularly?

This is a very good question because we need to understand how can you charge your laptop using your car.

A lot of people use their cars to charge their laptops and the reason behind this is that they want to take advantage of the energy generated by their cars’ engines which are more powerful than any other device available on the market.

The process is quite simple, all you have to do is connect your laptop’s power adapter to the 12V socket in your car and start charging it from there. The same process can be applied to a tablet as well if it doesn’t have its own power adapter.

Can I charge my gaming laptop with the cigarette lighter?

You can charge your laptop with the cigarette lighter. However, you need to use a power inverter that will convert the 12V DC current into a 120V AC current.

Can we charge a laptop with a mobile power bank?

Yes, you can charge a laptop with a mobile power bank. You can use the power bank to charge your phone and laptop at the same time.

You need to make sure that the mobile power bank is capable of supplying enough energy for both devices.

What is the function of the small cylinder on a laptop charger?

The small cylinder on a laptop charger is used to balance the current flow from the power source. This helps in reducing damage caused by static electricity, which can happen when you use your laptop with a damaged AC adapter or if it is plugged into an outlet that does not have a ground wire.

It also provides some protection against voltage spikes and increases the life of your computer’s components.

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