Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019 Free Download [Updated 2023]

Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019 is a high-performance and high-end video and audio conversion application. Through the application, you can create DVD disc image files (ISO) with audio/video files or any MP4/MKV video files. Besides, it is used to transcode clips in different formats. With this tool, you can convert your files into a DVD, VCD, or SVCD disc. Furthermore, it is able to produce a playable disc that can be played on a standalone DVD player or a PC. It supports H.264 and AAC codecs, for example.

The video editing interface has also been redesigned. It is much easier to use than before, although it still lags behind the professional-level functionality found in iMovie or Premiere Elements. You can still work with basic effects and transitions, but you will need third-party software to create advanced effects.

Complete Overview of Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019

Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019 is an efficient application for video processing. It can convert various formats of video to various formats of video, or export video in the chosen format. You can upload videos on Vimeo, Youtube or other social networks. What is new in this release: Resolves some stability issues with proxy creation and editing of presets for third-party encoders. The app allows you to use presets to save time in setting up the conversion settings. You can also manually edit video files before conversion.

Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019


Convert videos to multiple formats. Use presets for quick conversion. It comes with advanced features like Closed Captions, Titles, and Dialog Editing. Video Converter Ultimate is a free app for Windows 8/8.1 and 10. This application is a brilliant video converter that allows you to convert audio and video files from one format to another. The application comes with a user-friendly interface.

It is a powerful application that converts various formats of video to various formats of video or exports video in the chosen format. The effects of video conversion are countless. You can convert your HD videos to normal HD or HDTV, you can also convert video to audio files, extract audio from video files, convert audio files into video format, convert videos into GIF, extract the images from video files, and convert them into different formats.

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With its advanced codecs, speed-optimized workflows, comprehensive pre-sets, batch encoding, and native format support, it is the best companion for Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019 works with all versions of macOS Mojave (10.14) including the latest update. The application converts multimedia files, like MP4 and AVI, to various formats.

This enables the user to play multimedia files on a large number of devices and media players, including Microsoft Media Player and iTunes. For example, you can convert your MP4 file to be compatible with the MP3 podcasting standard. You can download the application here, and install it in Windows. The program is free, but there are some limitations.

Features of Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019

Some of the most interesting features of the latest version of Adobe Media Encoder are;

  • This edition also has a new subtitle editor and a new FLAC audio format.
  • A desktop video application for creating video files from a variety of video formats.
  • Users can set compression parameters to suit different purposes.
  • Users can use the built-in presets to make it easier to create project files.
  • Users can also apply compression settings to master files.
  • File and video tagging and library management.
  • Users can export their projects to a number of popular media formats.
  • Users can also create metadata tags.
  • Support for iPhone and iPad.
  • Users can now convert their ARRI Alexa LF camera format files into H.264 or ProRes files.
  • With the new subtitle editor, users can now import text subtitles from various sources.
  • Including DVD/Blu-ray discs, Blu-ray menus, file-based subtitles, and text files.

Other interesting features and changes

Powerful media management tool

It is a powerful media management tool designed to produce the best-looking videos without the need for constant adjustment or workarounds. Movie Maker supports a wide range of media formats, including 4K, 8K, 5K, 360° video, ultra-high-definition video, and many others. Media Encoder provides users with an easy way to convert video files to formats that play well on popular devices and social networks, such as Apple iOS and Android mobile devices, and Facebook. The application also supports rendering content into a format that works well with a variety of Windows 8.1 apps and browsers, such as Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft’s next-generation browser designed for touch-screen devices.

The latest version provides support for creating H.265/HEVC-encoded videos, which are used in 4K, UHDTV, and Blu-ray Disc content. And Media Encoder can convert Apple ProRes video files to H.265/HEVC format. Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019 also provides customers with the ability to make custom presets for their favorite presets, such as targeting common video formats. New GPU Acceleration Features Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019 now supports the NVIDIA Turing and AMD Radeon RX 6000 series GPUs. These new GPUs come with enhanced hardware capabilities for video encoding such as fast HEVC (H.265) encoding and improved image quality.

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A powerful tool for optimizing your videos

It is a powerful tool for optimizing your videos. It offers a variety of export presets that can be used to optimize your videos for devices like smartphones, tablets, and YouTube. It has a built-in proxy panel for the efficient processing of high-quality video. It is lightweight in nature and hence can be easily integrated with other tools like Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, etc. It is capable of handling multiple videos simultaneously.

It offers support for GPU acceleration to enable faster performance. It will analyze your videos and it will quickly decide which export settings to use for your upload, based on the video content. After the processing is finished, you will be presented with the settings of the video (and audio) that will be uploaded to YouTube. Using this program is the fastest way to export your videos to Youtube.

It is a lightweight program that does not need to be installed on your computer. The best thing is that it will compress your videos in a short time and you will be able to upload them on YouTube with the highest quality. Many people have already tried it and they all say that they are impressed by the quality of the uploaded videos. They say that the sound and the video quality are superb. The only problem is that there might be some problems if you try to upload videos of more than 15 minutes in length. Read Full Review The Bottom Line This is a nice app for people who want to create online videos.

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It has an intuitive interface and it does everything automatically. You can also customize your bookmarks and you can use them in offline mode. You can create a list of your favorite websites, you can read the latest news and you can even translate the web pages. Download Radio reader for free and enjoy surfing the web! The application also provides the ability to publish videos to Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites with just a click.

This feature is very convenient, though you can also publish without it. The two modes (screen capture and webcam) are not easily switchable; you must close the app and open it again to switch between the two. Overall, the user interface is very well-designed. This software has one-click presets for web, mobile, YouTube, and Facebook so you can get all your content optimized for your desired platform.

Display color management

It provides a color management workflow that is suitable for both short- and long-form production. Arri’s DPX converter supports all major color spaces including ACES, Rec. 709, SMPTE-C, Wide Gamut RGB, and XYZ. The resolution range covers 8-bit to 10-bit integers with standard or high dynamic range (HDR) options. – Improved: The new ICC color management settings make it easier to view and change specific colors and color ranges in the color space and enable users to convert colors between different ICC profiles. These settings are available in the Color Settings dialog under the Color Management tab.

Fixed: The LAB colorspace was not working correctly when converting to CMYK or Grayscale. – Fixed: Some TIFF images with Lab colors were showing up as black. – Fixed: Some JPEG images with Lab colors were – Supported: The ICC profile conversion options allow for flexible and powerful workflows, and they can be applied to video as well as images. – Better: Color.

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Support for ARRI Alexa LF camera format

In the newest version of this, the ARRI Alexa LF camera format is now a supported input and output for H.264 and ProRes in the Adobe Media Encoder. This will allow you to now do 4K workflows using the Alexa LF camera, and which is fully supported in Media Encoder. You can output full-resolution or high-quality proxy 4K, as well as 1080p. One of the biggest things with this update is that it includes native ProRes on ingesting through AMA. You can bring media in as ProRes through AMA, but you can also take media that’s already there and transcode it to ProRes through the MCX engine.

This is pretty huge for us. Now, we can do native capture of ProRes, which is really good. The latest version of Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019 now supports ARRI Alexa LF camera format as an input and output option for H.264 and ProRes files. Users can now import, transcode, and export projects with the option to use H.264 as their media format for any video projects they work on. Users can also output high-quality, high-bitrate ARRI LF ProRes 4444 and H.264 files that can be uploaded straight into their favorite post-production workflow.

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