6 Settings You Should Change Right Away in Android!

I’m pretty sure most of you use all of these apps every single day. And while you must be aware of the basic options. There are some settings that you should change right away to enhance your experience with these apps.

Today we will talk about some really handy options and settings that you should change in some of the most popular apps out there.
Let’s get to the settings. let’s start off with the most popular app out there.

6 Settings You Should Change Right Away in Android

Hide Whatsapp Media from Gallery:

So my phone gallery is filled with these weird good morning and good night photos memes and a lot of viral videos all thanks to whatsapp. Deleting all of these photos regularly can be a huge task. But fortunately whatsapp has a setting that saves you all the trouble in whatsapp chat settings there’s an option show media in gallery.

Well does disable it and none of the whatsapp photos will be saved in the gallery. However if you want to save what’s that photos from a particular person or group there’s a way to do that. You can just go to that person’s profile, here I can just select yes and any media sent by ABC will be saved in my gallery.

Set Time Limit on Instagram Usage:

Instagram can be really addictive, there are times when I’m just scrolling through photos watching videos and checking out stories endlessly. I know there’s though you are all caught up prompt but there’s always the explore page to you know explore. Well if you’re as addicted to Instagram. As I am and be honest you probably are you’d be glad to know that there’s an option in Instagram to limit the time you waste on Instagram.

There’s the your activity option here which shows you your daily average time spent on Instagram. Even has an option to set a daily reminder I can just set it to 30 minutes. Which I think sounds fine and when my time is up Instagram will send me a reminder just like this I can still skip it and keep instagramming. But at least now I’ll be weighed down by some guilt to be honest if you have digital well-being features on your phone you probably don’t need this but digital will feature unlimited to a very few phones so well that because.

Use Incognito Mode in Youtube:

I’m pretty sure this has happened with you so you probably watched a lame video on YouTube. And the next thing you know your whole YouTube homepage and recommendations is filled with similar lame videos. well that kind of sucks right the good news is YouTube has a new incognito mode for this lame. And even not so lame videos in the YouTube app you can just tap on the profile icon where you find the option to turn on incognito mode.

You can just turn it on and you can now watch whatever you want without getting your homepage messed up in the incognito mode your search history and watch history is not saved. So that’s great you cannot use the subscriptions or the inbox tag but I don’t think that’s a problem.

Snooze People on Facebook:

Facebook is filled with random political posts, which are usually very annoying and I personally don’t like to see. So what do you do when your friend starts posting political views and opinions which you don’t want to see. Well you can always blog them but Facebook has a better more polite option the snooze option. So the next time you see an annoying post from your friend you can just tap on the three dots and snooze that person’s post for 30 days this way you can keep your friendship and your sanity.

Enable Horizontal Tab Switcher:

Right now here’s how the chrome tabs which it looks like on Android. I mean it’s fine but it’s not the most intuitive or user-friendly interface. Well Google has been testing a horizontal tab switch on Chrome and it’s available via Chrome clients. In the chrome flags page you can just search for horizontal tab switcher and just enable it. Once you’ve done that and I know it’s Chrome the tab switcher will look like this I think this is a lot better than the older UI.

Enable Simplified View:

A lot of people have been wanting a reading moding Chrome. Well it’s finally here the Reading Mode in chrome is called simplified view. And it’s pretty handy well you can enable it in Chrome’s accessibility settings and once you’ve done that you can just open up any article and you’ll see a prompt at the bottom that you can just tap to open up the simplified view of the Webpage.

In the simplified view there’s no distractions or ads which should make up for a better reading experience plus. Even though it’s set to work on supported websites in my usage it worked almost every article I was reading on the web. although it was a little slow at times.


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