5 Simple Problem-Solving Tools

Problem-solving doesn’t have to be complicated. Explore 5 simple problem-solving tools that will help you find solutions quickly and efficiently.

In our personal and professional lives, we spend a lot of time-solving problems. Depending on why you are solving a problem, the issue you’re trying to address, and the technologies you’re utilizing, problem-solving can look very different. The first step in addressing a challenge is to recognize it, and the second step is to discover the appropriate instruments. We explore several basic problem-solving tools that you may start using today in this article.

5 Simple Problem-Solving Tools


5 Simple Problem-Solving Tools

Venn Diagrams

The connections between sets are easier to see with Venn diagrams. Sets of data, items, or almost anything else might be included in these. While more data sets and circles may be used, most basic Venn diagrams consist of two circles that represent the limits of the sets being compared. When the two sets overlap, the similarities or commonalities between them are added.

Math and other subjects like computer science and statistics employ Venn diagrams extensively. They can also be used to address issues in a variety of other fields, such as business and research.

During the hiring process, many businesses utilize Venn diagrams. A business is looking for professional skills, experience, and leadership qualities, so a three-set Venn diagram displays them. The person who meets all three criteria will be in the center of the three-set diagram, where all three traits cross.

Fishbone Diagrams

The structure of a fish, when it’s complete, is referred to as a fishbone diagram. The ribs or bones are the prospective causes of the difficulty you’re attempting to address, and the head is where you want to start.

When there is more than one solution or issue contributing to the primary difficulty, fishbone diagrams are a fantastic option. They assist you to organize everything in a systematic way so you can thoroughly investigate each cause or problem and ensure that you do not miss anything.

Moreover, they may allow you to look at how various elements are connected as well as show you how to break down the possible problems if you want to dig deeper.

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Mental Maps

The organizational component of problem-solving is aided by mental maps. They assist you in drawing a diagram that makes it simpler to examine alternative solutions for your issue and possible solutions.

They may resemble fishbone diagrams, but they go much further by assisting you to drill down and resolve individual concerns. Since they exist in a digital realm, it is much simpler to enhance them as you desire.

Taking in information and ideating using mental maps is a lot of fun. You may collaborate with teammates on a mind map, so that you may discuss potential hurdles. They may help you drill down into a problem by suggesting possible solutions, refining what you’ve already put in, and assisting you.

Five Whys

While it is excellent for getting to the heart of an issue, the five whys are more of a strategy than a tool. You state the issue you have and ask why for each conceivable cause in succession until you arrive at a solution.

You might, for example, use the five whys to eventually arrive at the solution that your competitor has a larger advertising budget, superior packaging, or possibly superior pricing (depending on the situation).


Because they can be used for so much more than problem-solving, flowcharts are a very versatile tool. They can assist you in understanding the actions that led you to your present predicament.

In assisting you to monitor decisions made in a process or system over time, flow charts are also quite valuable. It’s simpler to go back and see how your choices resulted in the difficulty you’re having if something goes wrong.

To go the other way, use flowcharts as well. Flowcharts may be used to get to a solution instead of looking into how a problem happened. You may stroll via prospective answers while conversing with others to obtain their viewpoints when utilized in this manner. For processes that need a lot of user input, this is particularly important.

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Our professional lives revolve around problem-solving. Tools make it much simpler to go through the steps and procedures that lead us to solutions for whatever problem we’re having. Using these resources may save you a lot of time and trouble.

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