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Inpage 2000 is a free Word Processor and Page Layout Software that can be used for typing Urdu, Pashto, Persian, and Arabic. Several other languages can be typed into this software which makes it famous among all typing software. Typists and columnists are looking for software that is super handy and easy in typing. Until the InPage tool came along, Urdu Typing was never so easy.

InPage is a powerful tool that can support Urdu, Arabic, English, Persian, and local dialects as well as many other languages. You can easily type in Urdu or Arabic with this tool which is based on the world’s famous Noorinastaliq font. Inpage 2000 Free download is a Standalone application for typing your local languages and is supported in 32 Bit as well 64 Bit systems. Let’s move on and explore some amazing features of the software before downloading it.

Complete Overview of Inpage 2000 Full Version

Typing the Urdu language was never easy and was one of the hectic jobs. Thanks to Inpage, which is a wonderful tool that makes the typing of Urdu so easy for us. Let’s take a look at what we have there. We still have the title bar with the system logo, and it indicates this is a blank document, as it has not been saved yet, and that we are in Inpage. Additionally, we have to minimize, maximize, and close buttons. Then, here is a toolbar. This is a toolbar because it has a bunch of buttons on it, instead of just text-based menus.

Inpage 2004 Free Download [Updated]

You may have noticed a new feature of Windows 7 or the new version of MS Office, which is called the quick launch bar and has a button here, for example, to quickly save, as well as undo or redo. What is perhaps most important, though, is you don’t see the type or the standard menus in Inpage 2000 and Windows 7. They have gone to something called a tabbed interface.

Now there’s. Actually several words. You’ll hear. One of them is the Aero interface. One of them is the fluent interface and specifically for Microsoft Office. They call it the ribbon. The concept here is, instead of clicking on a text name having it drop down, and then having a bunch of flyout menus in this particular scenario use tabs.

Home Tab and other Tabs

So I have a Home tab and a view tab and I can left-click on either one of those to toggle back and forth from the Home tab. I have several different things. I’m just going to give you some terminology here. A tab then has groups, so this particular Home tab has a clipboard group, a font group, a paragraph group, an insert group and an editing group within a group. You have options. So if I go back to the left, the clipboard group has the paste option, as well as a cut and copy option which currently are grayed out in the ribbon.

phonetic keyboard

Some of the options also have dropdowns. You’ll notice at the bottom of the paste button. There’s, a down arrow meaning I can click on this and I’m going to see different options. In this case, I can see paste and paste special. This option will be greyed out until you have something copied or cut, though, because you can’t paste until you’ve cut or copied something, even though this looks a little bit different. The concept is the same as a flyout menu.

Menus and Special Changes

To do the same thing in a traditional menu, I would go to the Edit menu, go to the paste option, then go to the paste flyout and select either paste or paste special. The terminology here, though, is going to the Home tab in the clipboard group. Using the paste option and then select the paste or paste special, just like in a regular menu, though I can press escape once to get out. Many of these features are covered more specifically in the application’s classes, for example, Word Excel and PowerPoint 2007 or 2010, but I did want to show you these some things that look a little bit different from Microsoft.

Inpage 2009 Free Download [Updated]

Transitions from the older menu features that have been around really for about 15 years and coming into a newer age, with an improved interface known often as the ribbon or the fluent interface. One more thing I wanted to show you about menus, though, in addition to flyout menus is that sometimes we get a dialog box in WordPad there’s a small button just to the left of the Home tab.

If I click on this, this is the equivalent of the old File menu. I can see that I can create new things I can open. I can save save as and I can also see things like print now. Print in a normal menu would have been followed by an ellipsis, a series of three dots and when you click on something in a regular menu that has three dots, it brings up a dialog box in this new interface.

Some Amazing Features in Inpage 2000 Free Download

  • Special new Interface.
  • A powerful scripting tool that supports multiple languages.
  • The Arabic language will be included in Kashida automatically.
  • Spell check language for Urdu and English.
  • Various text-wrapping methods are available.
  • It can be moved from one document to another with a drag-and-drop operation.

System Requirements For Inpage 2000:

Below are some of the recommended settings and requirements listed before you start Inpage 2000 free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Hard Disk Space: 1 GB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
  • Memory (RAM): 1GB RAM required.

Inpage 2007 Download [Updated]

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