AutoCAD 2021 Free Download [Updated 2023]

AutoCAD 2021 is one of the best Architecture Design tools which is used by engineers and designers. Full of certain new productivity features and updates that enable you to design in an entirely new way. It contains a subscription to AutoCAD Library which includes specialized toolsets and gives you access to seven industry-specific toolsets. These industry toolsets enable you to design electrical circuits and machine design with these advanced toolsets.

Certain new cut and curve elements are added which enables a user to make a new design of an engine machine. All the mechanical engineers and civil engineers are making use of this Autocad 2021 Download which is a standalone software and is fully compatible with 32 Bit as well as 64 Bit Systems. Let’s explore some cool features of this software.

Complete Overview of AutoCAD 2021 Version

AutoCAD 2021 has enormous new features for almost all industries and they can use this software to create an entirely new product. For Example, a mechanical designer can use this software so he can produce the engine’s whole design as well as parts in the process as well.

AutoCAD 2022 Portable Free Download

Parts making is one of the crucial steps in the whole machine design process like in AutoCAD 2020 Version. Seven industry-specific toolsets, such as Architectural and Electrical, allow you to automate repetitive tasks and save hours, the most valuable resource. You can use these resources and toolsets to make a unique but amazing part of any product or machine.

making a dynamic design

Using AutoCAD‘s state-of-the-art web and mobile apps, even users are able to store the data online that they have made in the process. Now users are able to design and draft on virtually any device, in the field, and on the move, using the most current files. Experience all there is to know about AutoCAD 2021. Now with the latest Drawing History feature in the software, it can provide instant insights into your drawings’ evolution, which can transform your workflow. Using DWG Compare for external references (Reefs) attached to your drawing has become much easier.

Integration with Cloud Storages

Now after signing in you are able to access and able to store all the data you have created in Autocad 2021 version. This way you have an option to store all the data in a safe place, even in a local drive. The Google Drive integration has been revamped. Using the AutoCAD web app, everyone can open DWG files stored on Google Drive directly from the AutoCAD web app.

Now store all of your designs and sketches that you have made in the 2021 version of Autocad download, in Google Drive which is a Free Cloud Storage option and also provides paid subscriptions. AutoCAD subscribers can view and edit those files directly from the web app, allowing them to work remotely.

cube design process

Additionally, you can view, edit, and save DWG files and Reefs using the AutoCAD web and mobile apps. In response to feedback from the AutoCAD user community, the AutoCAD development team has been developing enhancements to modernize the product. Several users responded to the feedback that AutoCAD should include several other storage options in this section.

But Autocad is working on it and is able to include some cloud storage options like Dropbox and several others. This new release delivers enhancements and features that will make a difference in efficiency and productivity right away

Create Views and Plans

Almost every project needs to include several views and plans and this way you are able to complete the project in a good way. Adding the plans to the project makes the project look more organized than the previous versions and you are able to make an entirely different project from that. Creating views that contain almost all the objects and elements that a project contains can make a difference and you can display the view in your own way as well. Maps and designs can be viewed in 360 degrees by creating views and plans.

All those maps and views you have included in the project can be displayed in entirely different shapes and form as well. The viewing degree and angle may be different this time and you can view the product in 360 degrees which makes you enable to view the whole product from almost all angles.

Some serious and amazing changes have been done to them while making sure that the originality of the product remains the same and has a different and unique look this time. Make sure that all the plans you have made should be in the tree form so that you can make them in a group form. Several other features of viewing angles and displays are made available for all the designers and plan makers.

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Text Styles

Text Styles can be changed and there are various new fonts and styles added in the software. It enables you to create awesome-looking text designs and styles as well. Styles control the formatting of the text by controlling font, line spacing, spacing between words, justification, and color. To make sure that text is consistent with industry or project standards, text styles are created to specify the format of text quickly.

  • All text objects in a drawing that uses the style will update automatically if you change their settings.
  • Text styles can be changed on individual objects through their properties.
  • Text is created using the settings of the current text style.
  • You can choose the style for notes, leaders, dimensions, tables, and blocks.
  • In the Text Style dropdown, you can select from all text styles in your drawing.

All the storage options are added which enables you to store that fonts and styles in specific formats. It is impossible to delete any STANDARD copy styles included in drawings. Once you create a standard set of text styles, you can use that file each time you create a new drawing as an outline (.dwt). All these text styles can be used in different projects.

Center Marks

The centers of holes and axes of symmetry are defined by center marks and centerlines. Center Marks is one of the coolest features which makes the project more different. Various new holes and axes controls are made available for you to create awesome cool effects in complex engine designs.

Center Lines and Marks can be used for several projects of mechanical designs and civil as well. The Associative objects include centerlines and center marks. The centerline and the center marks of the associated objects are adjusted according to the movement of the objects. Objects can be separated from center marks and centerlines, or selected objects can be reassigned to them.

The center mark is a simple visual way to mark the center of a circle or an arc. Various new arc features are added which can be used for several complex design making. Controls can be applied to the size and font of the centerline extensions, as well as the center mark size. It is also possible to disable the centerline extension.

Amazing new Features available in AutoCAD 2021 Download:

  • Several amazing new fonts and styles.
  • Design and make 2D and 3D objects.
  • Several arcs and Center marks.
  • Center Lines and Center Marks.
  • Store all the designs in Cloud Storage.
  • Dimensions and table controls.
  • Movements of Objects.
  • User-friendly interface for new users.

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System Requirements For AUTODESK AUTOCAD 2021

Below are some of the recommended settings and requirements listed before you start AutoCAD 2021 free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Memory (RAM): 8 GB of RAM is required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB of free space required.
  • .NET Framework: .NET Framework version 4.8 or later.
  • Pointing Device: MS-Mouse compliant.
  • Operating System: 64-bit OS that follows Autodesk’s Product Support Lifecycle policy.
  • Processor: 2.5–2.9 GHz processor.
  • Display Card: Basic: 1 GB GPU with 29 GB/s Bandwidth and DirectX 11 compliant

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