Atomix VirtualDJ Pro 2021 Infinity Free Download

Atomix VirtualDJ Pro 2021 Infinity Free Download is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and macOS. You can download the full offline installer standalone setup of Atomix VirtualDJ Pro 2021 Infinity for free from Softopc.

Atomix VirtualDJ Pro 2021 Infinity Overview

The users may use powerful mixing tools provided by Atomix VirtualDJ Pro 2021 Infinity to help them create amazing soundtracks. Using the latest technologies, this robust software was created to allow users to mix a track in real-time using various components such as instruments, kicks, vocals, and more.

DJs utilize the software to substitute their turntables and CD players and play digital music instead of vinyl or CDs. Even novice users may utilize this clever program thanks to its easy-to-use interface. Users may obtain full control over the audio mixing using a variety of custom settings and modules.

Atomix Virtual DJ Pro Infinity 2019 Free Download

You may scrape your MP3s directly on a real turntable with this DJ software, and it is compatible with time-coded vinyl for additional scratching options. You may archive a huge number of incredible automatically synced effects. You may use different audio controls and provide mixing capabilities, as well as repeat mode, trigger, mute, and volume adjustments. You may add multiple songs to make quick adjustments.

Many additional beneficial features and settings may be used by the users to create incredible music, and they may easily regulate the master volume, mute, and grain control. In addition, you may adjust various aspects of the audio with great ease and carry out different tasks. In addition, the real-time stem separation on soundtracks, allows users to create ideal live mashups.

In comparison to older frequency-based equalizers, it offers users the ModernEQs, which aid in achieving precise separation. This program’s conversion engine can mix your songs in an optimum way, speeding up the process of creating DJs while simultaneously improving your workflow. The program gives you the capability to do new things that were previously only feasible with DJ software, such as scratching video footage and creating intricate mixes.

Recording your mixes and burning them on CDs, broadcasting them on the Internet, or using a radio station are all options provided by the program. You can also use a headphone to preview songs or an external mix table to perform in a club, and you may save your CDs directly in MP3.

Atomix VirtualDJ Pro 2021 Infinity

Features of Atomix VirtualDJ Pro 2021 Infinity

After downloading Atomix VirtualDJ Pro 2021 Infinity Free, here are a few noticeable features you’ll notice.

  • A powerful mixing application with outstanding features for users to create fantastic soundtracks.
  • Users may make a mix in real time using instruments, kicks, vocals, and other aspects of the track.
  • Allows DJs to use digital music rather than vinyl and CDs by replacing their turntables and CD players.
  • The program has an intuitive user interface that even novice users can use.
  • To give total control over audio mixing, it includes various custom settings and modules.
  • You may scratch your MP3s on an actual turntable, as well as with several other DJ equipment, thanks to time-coded vinyl compatibility.
  • Lets you preserve an extensive collection of aesthetically pleasing effects that are automatically synced.
  • To make fast adjustments to a variety of audio settings, you may add many songs.
  • In addition to volume, channel, tempo, equalizer, and other functions, provide mixing capabilities in repeat mode, trigger, and mute.
  • The master volume, mute, and grain control are all readily accessible via this feature.
  • Several additional robust capabilities and settings are available to create excellent music.
  • With great ease, you may adjust numerous audio settings and conduct many other tasks.
  • With real-time stem separation on the soundtracks, users may now make flawless live mashups.
  • Users may use the ModernEQs to get the precise separation that old frequency-based equalizers could not provide.
  • This program includes a powerful mixing engine, allowing you to mix songs at super-fast speeds.
  • In order to make DJs, you must optimize your work.
  • From scratching video clips to creating sophisticated remixes, it allows you to do things that were previously only possible on DJ software.
  • Allows you to make CDs of your mixes for use on the Internet or on a radio station, as well as recording them.
  • You may save your CDs in MP3 format, view songs through a headphone, or perform at a club using an external mix table.

Atomix Virtual DJ Pro Free Download

System Requirements for Atomix VirtualDJ Pro 2021 Infinity

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11
  • RAM (Memory): 1 GB or more
  • Hard Disk (HDD or SSD): 600 MB or more
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor


Is there a difference between the standard version of Atomix VirtualDJ and the premium version called “Infinity”?

Yes, there is a significant difference. Atomix VirtualDJ Standard is free software that you can use to DJ live sets or remixes. It allows for basic customization and features such as crossfading between tracks, beatmatching, looping functions, and more.

Infinity adds many advanced features such as;

  • A full-fledged split screen mode for DJs mixing together multiple decks simultaneously.
  • Drag-and-drop support for customizing your interface.
  • Individual buttons and menus on each deck so that they are easy to access while performing
  • Booth Mode gives you complete control over the sound of your booth environment in real-time.
  • Advanced TimeLine Control with precise start points timing controls for most common effects used in electronic dance music including filters, samplers & modulation devices like LFOs, etc.
  • Dual View mode displays both video output (left) and input (right) from any supported webcam at the same time allowing you to seamlessly switch back&forth during performances without having to stop midstream.

Ultimately, if all you want is an affordable virtual DJ software package with some basic features added, then Atomix VirtualDJ Standard may be a good choice for you. If however, you’re looking for an extremely comprehensive and feature-rich virtual DJ software package that will allow you to perform complex mixes flawlessly live onstage or in studio environments.,then Infinity would be the better option!

How can I use Atomix VirtualDJ Pro 2021 Infinity to practice my DJing skills?

Atomix VirtualDJ Pro 2021 Infinity is powerful DJ software that can help you to practice your skills online. It has an intuitive user interface and supports scratching, mixing, remixing, and beatmatching. Additionally, it offers comprehensive audio effects that let you create custom mixes with sound effects or musical instruments.

You can also use Atomix VirtualDJ Pro 2021 Infinity to learn new tracks quickly by following along with the included tutorials or by using the built-in learning mode. As you improve your skills, be sure to share your creations on social media platforms for others to enjoy!

Atomix VirtualDJ Pro Infinity Portable Free Download

Atomix VirtualDJ Pro 2021 Infinity Free Download

To download Atomix VirtualDJ Pro 2021 Infinity for free, click on the link below. For the Windows operating system, this is a full offline installer and standalone setup.

Download Here

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