VLC Player Amazing Cool Features

VLC is one of the best media players that will play just about any video or audio file that you have on your computer. Today we will talk about vlc player amazing cool features. If that’s all you use it for then you’re missing out on the other cool features that are included with the VLC media player. In this article I’ll list down some tips tricks and features for use with VLC.

VLC Player Amazing Cool Features

Record Screen:

If you ever need to record your entire desktop. VLC offers a built-in screen recorder to use it here at the top go to media. From the drop down select open capture device change the capture mode to desktop. In options choose the desired frame rate for the capture. Also, try Best Browser to Try in 2019.

At a minimum you should select 30 enter, 60 is what I usually use below that where it says play select the drop down arrow and select convert now select your video codec. I prefer h.264 + mp3 click on browse to choose the destination of your recording now give your file a name and click on save. Click start to begin your recording. when you’re done recording go back to VLC and click the stop button. Your recording will be available in the destination you specified earlier.

Recording Webcam (Direct Show):

For recording your webcam some of the steps are similar as those for capturing your screen. I’ll move through this one quickly go to media and select open capture device in capture mode pick DirectShow. For a video device name select your camera and for audio device name select your microphone same as before go down to play click the drop down arrow and choose convert. Try  Free PDF Editing Software

Select your video codec click browse to choose the file path and name your file. Hit save just like before start begins the recording and stop ends it.

Capture Screenshot:

Want to capture a screenshot of a particular point in a video VLC makes that process simple. Just right-click inside the video hover your mouse cursor over video and select take snapshot. The keyboard shortcut to do this on Windows and Linux is the shift key plus the letter S. On Mac it’s the command key + Alt + S. All screenshots are automatically saved to your pictures folder.

Built-in Converter:

VLC includes a converter that can change a video or audio file to another format. This one is my absolute favorite feature that I use most often here’s how you do. It click on media and select convert save in the pop-up window click on add and select the file that you’d like to convert click open then click on convert save. Now choose the file format you would like to convert your file to I’m going to change this one to ASF.
Click on browse to choose the file path give your file a name hit save. When you’re ready click on start to begin the conversion process. When it’s done the converted file will be in the folder you selected earlier.

Record From a Video:

If you want to record a video or audio playing in VLC here are the steps. Go to the menu bar and click on View select advanced controls. In the lower-left a new layer will appear with more controls. To begin recording click the record button to finish recording click the record button again. Your video recordings are saved to your videos folder and audio recordings are saved to your music folder.

Take and Save Bookmarks:

You can bookmark parts of a video with VLC making it easier to come back to those points later on. To use the bookmark feature go to the menu bar and click on playback go down to custom bookmarks and select manage. In the new window click on create at the section of the video you’d like to bookmark. You can create as many bookmarks for a video that you need.

Buil-In Equaliser:

It surprises me how many people are unaware that VLC has a graphic equalizer. Considering that there is a button located in the main window. Another way to access the equalizer is to go to the menu bar. Click on Tools and select effects and filters. You just simply have to tick the empty box to enable it and it comes packed with a ton of presets. If you make any changes remember to click on the Save button.

Apply Watermarks:

You can add your own watermarks on a video through VLC without the need to download video editing software. For this one go back to tools and select effects and filters once again. Click on the tab for video effects and choose overlay. Your watermark can be your own logo or text.

For this one I’ll show you how to add your logo select the empty box next to add logo. Click on the Browse icon to find your logo, double-click on it, the default location is in the upper left corner. You can move it around using the top or left up and down arrows or if you know the exact location you can enter those numbers here. You can also adjust the opacity when done click on save and then close out the window.


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