Best MacBook Accessories that you must try

Best MacBook Accessories that you must try

Snapnator: (A Magnetic Power Connector)

We all remember and love the MagSafe on Mac. However, the new MacBooks no longer have it. Innovation shouldn’t be making it harder for you to charge your laptop. So we’ve designed a device that brings back the convenience you’ve gotten used to. Introducing snapnater charge all your gadgets in a snap.

It’s compact and durable once you try it you’ll never go anywhere without. snapnator may even save your computer MagSafe is back this time not just for mac. Our team of engineers and designers have been specializing in electronic badges for over ten years.

Line Dock:

Technology makes us increasingly mobile. Yet, there are still a few things holding us back power banks, external hard drives, countless adapters and of course the chunky charges. That’s what living in a modern life was until now. This is line dock the world’s first device offering a powerful battery full connectivity fast SSD storage and active cooling all this in a nine millimeter cable free shell.

The massive internal battery offers up to 1.5 full charge of any USBC laptop, simply connect lined up using a USBC cable and free yourself from power outlets and chargers. Line Dock slides perfectly in your backpack for a laptop sleeve. Thanks to quick charge technology line dock lets you charge any mobile device faster. So that you never run out of battery on the go.

Once connected by a USB C or microUSB. line offers an integrated SD card reader and up to 512 gigabytes of SSD storage at the office lined up can be used as a true docking station to connect anything to your laptop. Extend your work space with a dedicated mini DisplayPort and connect any external monitor or through HDMI lined up integrates for wireless charging pads.

Just place your smartphone over a pad and let it power up or a patented pie first cooling system will actively cool your laptop for increased performance and cartridge. When you need it the most instead of carrying a myriad of adapters on daily basis line Dock provides everything you need right under your laptop. It’s smart format allows for zero square inches loss on your workspace.

TarDisk Pear:

You’ll discover the elegance of tar disk and how simple it now is to double your MacBook storage. Beginning with its beautiful unibody aluminum enclosure tardisk features 256 gigabytes of lightning fast flash storage. Simply insert into your macbook to realize its full potential with a click tar disk pairs to produce a single hard drive volume.

That is now twice as big becomes as the perfect balance of hardware software and firmware. Tardisk produces a truly seamless experience your productivity or ability to create should never be limited tar disk secure, simple, storage you need.

LYNQ (Multi USB Port):

Instead of investing in new devices there is a smarter way meet lynq. A unique multi port USB C hub that gives you all the ports you’ll ever need to connect the devices you love. Lynq gives you three powered USB ports a USB type-c port with charge through an SD and micro SD card reader an HDMI port with k support and a high-speed Ethernet networking port.

Lynq easily connects to your macbook and instantly gives you the extra ports you need to access USB, drives, SD cards printers and thousands of other devices. Lynq can even charge your iphone and lets you sync with your macbook. Its built-in HDMI AV port gives you standard HD and Ultra HD k output.

So you can connect your macbook to a large screen TV or projector and enjoy the highest quality video. Lynq lets you charge your laptop while using it so you can keep on working without interruption. Lynq is in its final stage of development and will soon be ready for production. With your support we can make link o reality and give your MacBook all the ports you’ll ever need. Lynq more ports, more power, support link today at

Spontaneous Pop-up Display:

Do you remember the first time you stream the video on your smartphone. At that moment you are no longer tied to your living room for your entertainment or to your office for work. You could access your content anywhere. But there’s one small problem your small mobile device screen almost all of us prefer large displays for entertainment and for work.

Those work deadlines are approaching a large desktop monitor our dual screen setup will significantly boost your productivity. So what if there is a way to have the mobility of a phone tablet or laptop without losing the benefit of a large screen. Sounds impossible but that’s exactly what we did. introducing spud the spontaneous pop-up display.

Spud is a high-resolution 24 inch display that collapses down to the size of a book and weighs less than pounds this revolutionary product is the first truly collapsible display. The only device that gives you both portability and a large screen for entertainment and productivity. Throughout the spuddies I’m process we focus on image quality and ease of use we use the latest projection technology combined with our own custom optics to project a large high-quality image of a very short distance.


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