Best Apps for Android and iOS

With millions of apps available to download for your phone or tablet, it can be difficult to decide which apps to install. To separate the good from the bad I’ll show you awesome apps for your devices that you should be using. All of these I show you are available from the app stores for both Android and iOS. Also, try Best Android Emulators for PC in 2019

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Best apps for android and ios

Cake Web Browser:

First up is the cake web browser has been around for a short time. This mobile-centric browser has unique features that are very cool. When you launch the app it will list what is trending right now. It has a built-in privacy mode capping on private at the bottom turns it on. I’ll leave it off for now. To do a search tap the plus button I’ll do a quick search instead of showing you the results in the traditional list form. Also, try Top 5 Best Free PDF Editing Software

Cake displays the most relevant page while the others load in the background. Swiping from the right displays the pages for the other search results. You can still see the traditional search list by swiping from the left. While doing a search just above the keyboard there are also buttons that will trigger a search for video, images, News and shopping. In the cake browser settings menu, you can customize the search results and turn on or off pop-up blocking and ad blocking.

Prisma Photo Editor:

There are tons of photo filter apps to choose from instead of just applying the typical filters Prisma photo editor. Using the styles of famous artists to create unique pictures it couldn’t be any easier to use. After you select your photo there are several filters available for free with more available in their paid service. Simply tapping on a filter will transform your photo. I’ll select Tokyo. When it’s done you can download the image or share with others.


One of the most useful free apps ever to be created is if this than that. It works with more than apps to create applets that combine services to perform many functions. How it works is that you create recipes spread across a wide range of devices and services including social networking apps, weather apps smart home devices like Google home and Amazon Alexa and so much more.

Creating a recipe is simple when you launch the app select the my applets icon in the lower right. Then select the plus icon in the upper right tap on this. First you need to select a trigger service I’ll go with Weather Underground here at the top. Choose a trigger I’ll select current temperature drops below this one requires a temperature. So input 60 degrees Fahrenheit and tap on create trigger.

Now I need to decide what happens when the temperature drops below degrees I will now tap on that for this I want to change the color of my lights. So I’ll need to find Philips hue in this list it’s way down there and there it is select an action I’ll go with change color. when the temperature drops 60 below I want my lights to turn blue so I just need to enter that where it says color value or name and then tap on create action.

In the applet preview it will show you the recipe you created when you’re done select finish. That’s all there is to it it will then let you know that your applet is turned on and give you other recommendations. With so many possibilities I’d also recommend checking out the other recipes on the at this than that app that have already been created by other users.

Zombies Runner:

If you’re a runner these zombies run app turns your workout into a fight for survival that is designed to simulate a zombie attack. After you’ve put on your headphones and you’re ready to go on the home screen of their app select start your next mission. At the bottom of the screen it will show you how long this mission is in this case this mission is 35 minutes and then you would tap on the start mission button. Also, try Best Software that is Actually Great to Try in 2019

The missions are broken down into seasons with seven available with dozens of missions within each season. so there’s a ton of content available within this app. Zombies run is free and offers in-app purchases with additional features including ad free missions.


After surviving a zombie attack to slow your heart rate down you may want to read a good book. Goodreads offers book recommendations based on the books you like. I can’t show you this now but the first time you launch this free app to get you started you have the option to rate books and dozens of categories. The Goodreads home screen will show you popular or trending books.

If you see a book that you would like to read just tap on want to read next to the book and it will add it to your shelf in the my book section. Selecting my books at the top will show you the books that you’ve read currently reading and books you would like to read. If you select the menu icon in the upper left you’ll see several categories where you can scan books see what your friends are reading. But the category I find most useful is recommendations. Here you can see books recommended for you based on your previous ratings for other books.


One of the absolute best apps for learning the basics of programming is solo learn at the time this article was produced solo learn is completely free on the Google Play Store. It says that it offers in-app purchases which is incorrect. On the Apple App Store they have it listed correctly as being free in the scylla learn app there are several languages to choose from including JavaScript, C++, Python, Ruby and several others.

According to the best languages to learn based on average developer salary in the US are Ruby, Python and C++. To begin one of the coding courses on solo learn just select one of the topics listed. It’s best on any of these to start with the basic concepts here at the top. as you complete each lesson the next one will open up for you.


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