5 Hidden Facebook Settings You Should Change Right Now

Way cheaper, way faster and of equality that nothing matched. They had apps on Facebook that were given special permission to harvest data, not from just the person who used the app or joined the app. With the cambridge analytical scandal a lot of people are worried about how the social media company might be scraping their data.

5 Hidden Facebook Settings You Should Change Right Now

Many are even deleting their Facebook profiles. In progress while deleting your Facebook profile makes little to no sense there are other things that you can do to ensure that you give the bare minimum amount of data to the company. That’s exactly what I will be telling you about today.

Let’s get started

First things first there are a couple of things you should do no matter what. Including checking which apps and services have access to your Facebook data and limiting the way Facebook shares your data with websites and apps.

 Check Apps and Services:

You’ll be surprised to see the sheer number of apps and services you have connected to your Facebook account. Over time I surely was and it’s important to clear this up to make sure that your data safe. In your Facebook account head over to settings and then click on apps here you can see the apps and services connected to your Facebook account.

Go through them and remove the ones you don’t use anymore. When you remove an app you will be shown a pop-up that says that the app may retain data that it has already collected. That sucks but at least it won’t be able to collect more data as you keep using Facebook over time.
Honestly though this is something that’s very important because a large part of how cameras analytic are collected data was in the form of apps and services disguised as personality quizzes and more.

Limit Information Friends Share About You:

One thing I was surprised to find out was when your friends access websites and services with their Facebook accounts sometimes Facebook shares your data as well with those websites. Data that you have unknowingly allowed Facebook to share with such websites.

Creepy yes but there’s a way you can put a stop to it. in the same menu click on the edit button under apps others use. Here you can uncheck the data you don’t want Facebook to share with other web sites when your friends visit them. This way your data won’t be shared with web sites and apps that your friends use. Honestly this was one of the more creepy things I saw on Facebook.

Manage Facebook Apps Permissions:

Facebook also does this really tricky thing where it asks you for a buttload of permissions when you install its apps on your mobile. probably something that most people don’t pay attention to. Fortunately this is also something you can fix at least for the future. In the Facebook app make sure you don’t give contacts, microphone, SMS and telephone permissions to the app. If you have already given these permissions you can head over to app information and revoke them.

The app may need storage permissions if you upload things from your phone and camera permissions if you use Facebook stories or use the camera within the app to upload pictures or something. If you don’t remove those permissions as well. similarly in the messenger app when you’re installing it don’t turn on text anyone in your phone don’t add your phone number to the messenger and don’t turn on send and receive SMS in messenger.

If you’ve already installed messenger you can simply uninstall the app and reinstall it to opt out of these features. These permissions are why a lot of people are noticing that Facebook has their call histories message histories and more all saved on its servers. These permissions are how Facebook get start data so just don’t give it those permissions at all.

Limit the Kinds of Ads Facebook can show you:

Facebook survives on ads and it uses your personal data to target ads at you. Well that is not something you can exactly stop you can limit it to an extent which is better than not limiting it at all in my opinion. In Facebook ad preferences you can control the kind of data advertisers can target you with. You can also remove yourself from categories you don’t want to be targeted with.

For example I’ll remove my birthday month because I don’t want to get shopping deals around that time and spend all my money buying stuff. Another really annoying thing is when my friends see a sponsored page with the line akshay like this. I don’t like that and fortunately it is yet another thing I can opt out from.

In facebook at references I can simply say it ads with your social actions to no one and I am all set. While you’re here there are a couple of other things that you should change as well turn off ads based on your use of websites and apps. With Facebook so by basically stalking you around the internet. Also turn off ads on apps and websites off of the Facebook companies to prevent apps that use Facebook fan tools from using your data to target ads at you.


There are some other things you can do to ensure that you share the least amount of data with Facebook about your activities on the Internet. Fortunately they are very simple to do as well. Firstly don’t login with your Facebook account on third-party websites if you do login on a third party website or app with Facebook make sure you take the data it is taking active. You can also delete your uploaded contacts from Facebook.

If you’ve ever used messenger and allowed it access to your contacts you will find your entire contact list on Facebook. I’ll drop a link in the description that you can click on and see all of your uploaded contacts. Fortunately Facebook lets you delete this as well in just two clicks. click on delete all confirm it and you’re done.


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